It’s time to run away with the circus! :)
Photographer / Body painter: Roustan
You can check out unedited images on his website.
Lion Headdress: Bubbles And Frown Haberdashery Shoppe
Elephant Headdress: Miss G Designs
The lion was modeled by Eric J Black. The elephant was modeled by my dear friend Sylva Hattington.
Body jewelry provided by Wamuhu Waweru.
This shoot came about from craving change in my life. Miss G Designs began back in 2009. It’s crazy to see how my wacky art has evolved over that time. I feel incredibly blessed that I have been able to make my living as an artist. I never knew I had in me until I made the scary move from Colorado to California. I spent the 10 years before that nannying.
Like many artists my career has been feast or famine. I have always worked an insane amount of hours every week. No vacation, sick days or health care benefits. This has begun to wear me down. The niche market of headdress design is very seasonal and makes keeping up with adulating tricky sometimes.
My dear friend Sylva is also a headdress designer. We have shared the highs and lows of working in this industry. She brought up the idea of applying for jobs as headdress makers. At first I thought it seemed like an impossible idea. So much doubt poured through my brain. Now I am thinking why the hell not? It doesn’t hurt to ask!! :)
I have visions of cirque du soleil, opera houses and theater companies dancing in my head!! Not to mention all the other possibilities that haven’t occurred to me. It would be delightful to have a career beyond Etsy sales.
I am reaching out for any advice or recommendations that you want to share. <3
Thank you!!!!!
Miss G


stanpaxton Panorama of early morning sun on Bear Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park). The lake fills a depression carved into granite, gneiss, and schist by alpine glaciation (a cirque). Clarity of the water is evident in the lower left quadrant of the image (September, 2017). 


En attendant le cirque by Bertrand Devendeville
Via Flickr:
Hasselblad 500cm/50mm


Unstacking and restacking blocks. Great drill, just gotta learn to control those pesky hips! Still counting this as a solid victory today :)

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Projection mapping live performance art - The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk

Kooza thoughts!

So I just went to see Kooza on the 23rd July and WOW was it good. It’s kind of my first cirque show I’ve seen live (watched arena saltimbanco a few years back but for some reason I barely remember it), though I grew up watching the DVD recordings of Quidam, Alegria and Corteo. I’ve just finished watching the DVD recording of Kooza. Kooza’s one of my favourite shows now, I think better than Corteo (except for the singer! I really like the Corteo singer) and maybe even Alegria? So now I’m gonna write down my thoughts before I forget them :

- it’s really surreal seeing a show in the big top, but not necessarily better than watching the DVD recording! Watching it live, everything is more intimate and bold, and you really get absorbed in the performance, but if you miss something that’s it there’s no rewinding in real life. On DVD however you can see smaller details, like the gears on the singer, charivari and contortionist outfits, or the facial expressions of the performers

- the contortionists were arranged like a sort of cube when they came out, which looked really cool

- Pity some acts were cut out or changed, I would’ve liked to see the pickpocket (the guy shouting TICKETS and running around looked like a really half hearted replacement for him) and juggler and we didn’t even get to see the chair balancer! He was replaced by a cyr wheel act (which honestly wasn’t that great). Not sure why, maybe he was unwell?

- I felt the humour was a bit lame, especially all the dick jokes, like when the king stuck his taser at the guy’s crotch, or when one of the clowns went under the other’s legs and shouted ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’, they were funnier on DVD. Still made me laugh though! But the part of the dog peeing on the crowd was just weird.

- during the live show, for the first act with the king and his clowns, when they do they disappearing act, the king sits down on the chair, then when the cloth is removed it’s a really muscular bald man wearing the king’s crown (and one of the clowns…squeezes his ManBoob…) and he leads the audience volunteer back to her seat

- probably intentional, but the clowns give me a very tweedledee and tweedledum vibe

- The trickster was actually more sensual (and hot??????????) than I expected, especially with the aerial hoop artist

- Speaking of the trickster he’s so cool??? He’s so confident and bold, the way he dances and leaps around the stage, and the way it looks as though he’s the one controlling everything and everyone, like it was all his creation. And he’s super well dressed, nice touch with the stripes matching up on his clothes

- it’s really hot in Singapore especially compared to Austrailia rn, and the trickster’s costumes are literally all suits, so he’s hot in more ways than one

- PLUS I’m pretty sure he (derek piquette) was sick while he was performing cause he went to see a doctor two days after that show, so honestly what a legend he did such a good job on stage

- On DVD the Trickster and the Crooner were played by different people but when I watched it live I think they’re both played by Piquette!

- I actually really really like the costumes in Kooza, probably my favourite out of the cirque shows I’ve watched (listed above, plus amaluna and la nouba) favourite costumes are the charivari, they’re so cute and bright! The outfits for the aerial hoop and unicycle were also great, the Crooner was super detailed, love his mask, and of course the Trickster’s costumes were amazing too

- the unicycle couple are so cute tbh

- I actually kind of headcanon that the unicycle and the aerial hoop ladies are sisters, since they both have a heart icon on their chest and they have similar hairstyles. Maybe the unicycle lady was the ‘good’ sister, who found love, while the other one is more rebellious, wearing red instead of blue, her hair a bit messier, her love life a bit more unbalanced…?

- I really like how distinctive and fast the costume changes were, like the trickster coming out of the box, the aerial hoop performer taking off her vest, the tightrope men taking off the cloaks and the crooner taking off his cape. the switches were so clean and instant, it looked really good

- I’m starting to think that the part where the guy on the wheel of death trips when he uses the skipping rope is intentional, it happened live and I’ve seen it happen in every recording of kooza??

- Kooza has such a classic, charming vibe overall, from all the blues, reds and yellows, to the costumes, the more traditional acts, the trumpets and drums for the music etc, and it’s not as weird/eccentric as some other cirque shows like totem, dralion, O. It’s got a really nice style to it and I think it’s actually a great show to get your friends introduced to cirque, so they won’t be overwhelmed

- the juggling act was replaced with hoop manipulation, which was very nice (her cloak!! is so fluffy!!!!) and it looked super aesthetic seeing the silver hoops spin around, but she dropped a hoop during her final stunt and the innocent had to go pick it up for her, which was a bit awkward

- the teeterboard act in my show actually had a part where the person on the teeterboard wore stilts/single stilt and they landed perfectly!! glad they added that to the act

- oh man the ending was so bittersweet, how the trickster bows to the innocent the same way he did at the start of the show. The part just after the teeterboard act, when they all leave and the trickster motions for the Innocent to follow him, and he does, he’s not afraid anymore, he’s so excited to see what more there is to this world called Kooza, then the curtains close and he’s left behind. Then the Trickster asks for his cane back and the innocent doesn’t want to give it back after everything he’s just experienced, and he’s so sure that there’s still more, there has to be more, why isn’t the magic working? And he realises that’s the end and he’s shaking his head, this can’t be it, this can’t be the end… And I get the feeling that that’s the end of the world of Kooza itself, now that the Innocent’s the king and he’s back in reality… and you hear him laugh/sob at the very end

- and on DVD the park at the end is in colour, as though Kooza had brought colour to the Innocent’s life

- literally every time I see the ending or listen to the L’innocent song in the soundtrack I still feel like crying??????? 

- so going to draw fanart

sorry this is so unorganised and my vocab is not the best HAHA, if you read through the entire thing though wow you’re a star 

 @sweepseven here it is!