Moments and Memories- Chapter Seven

Here we go guys! I got a lot of angry crying messages yesterday- not in a bad way, promise- and I’ve decided to CONSIDER being nice. Maybe. I’m not happy with the length of this chapter, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I hope you enjoy regardless <3

Thankfully it doesn’t take me long to find a new job. I just move to Starbucks, seeing my old regulars starting to visit and give me tips. All I do is smile and try not to break down- that can happen at night. For now I work, go home and cry, and throw myself into my schoolwork. It’s really all I can do- I can’t let it affect my work.

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askthelittletimeplant  asked:

(chrisandtheuniverse)Chris@Seraph: You are the fanciest looking absol I've ever seen! Is it hard for you to keep your fur clean and neat?


Seraph: To be honest, its apart of my genes for my fur to look like this! (Furfrou father) It actually is hard for it to be so neat, due to me having to brush my fur with my claws all the time! So much fur gets tangled, ya know?


New text message update!

Chris: Yeah, and so we sat here, Easter almost over and no plans.

Chris: plis, IM DYING over here. We have to do something.

Sana: Party is happening

Vilde: With your brother??? 😃😃

Sana: Yes

Eva: sick!


Vilde: So great!

Chris: 🎼 fy faen fy fy faen 🎼

Vilde: Are you joining Noora?

Noora: What’s happening?

Vilde: Just come along 😉