ask-penumbra-vulpes asked:

Dark Moon: Chris! Long time no see. I understand you're working for Zekrom? What's it like? I can't imagine it being all fun and games.

Chris: ’s nice to see you again- wait, uh, working for Zekrom…

Chris: ….I guess, sorta? It’s more of, I volunteer around the city and help out when I can. I’m no good at sitting still and doing nothing, especially when Paragon- uh, the zekrom- especially when he’s always doing nice things like cooking for me. But, I don’t think he’s ever given me anything specific to do?

Chris: See, the nice-but-annoying thing about Paragon is, he’s got everything set up so well that, if I waited for him to tell me something I can do to help? I’d be sitting here doing nothing until the day I die. He has his kids running the city and he’s good at showing up and seeing who needs help and what’s going on.