Skins is my favorite show ever and I just wanted to talk about, in my opinion, the most complex and misunderstood character on the entire show-Cook.

Brace yourself for this long rant because I really need to get this out.

At first, Cook reminded us of Chris, who we were still completely heartbroken over still, but only a crueler and less caring  version. We first hated him right away for being so similar to Chris, but so much worse. But the best part about Cook, is how well he puts on a disguise. We watch Cook countlessly sleep with girls and make dumb choices. The whole time we were focused on this, we missed one huge fact.

Cook is completely alone

He literally has no one. Freddie, his best friend, would rather be with the girl Cook loves, the girl Cook loves would rather be with his best friend, JJ is scared of him, his parents are both psychopaths that toy with his emotions for fun (Especially his dad). So when a girl presents herself to him, of course he takes the opportunity of having someone close to him. That’s why he fucked Pandora. She gave him the chance, and he took it. As for why he acts out, is for attention. Without attention, he doesn’t have anyone who cares for him enough to give him the time.

Now let’s talk about Cook and Effy. At first I HATED Cook. I thought he was using Effy and was hurting freddie. But now as I look back on it, I see that Effy was actually using him. Effy knew the minute she laid eyes on Freddie, he would be, in her words “The closest I would have to getting close.” She knew she liked Freddie, but love scared her. She saw what it did to her parents and brother. So instead, she fucked Cook to try and scare Freddie away. At first, she was just a quick fuck for Cook, but eventually grew more. Especially when she was the one to comfort him as they went to go see his dad. He was falling in love with her and she was still using him to scare off his best friend. 

Many people think the best part of this generation was the love triangle between Cook, Freddie, and Effy (Sorry JJ but you never had a chance). But I think it wasn’t about anything like that at all. It was about Cooks choice between Freddie and Effy. He had to decide which one he loved more. The girl he loved that left him for his best friend, or his best friend who left him for the girl he loved. Cook struggled with this for a while. He was hurt enough. But in the end, he chose Freddie. 

I think Cook, Chris, and Cassie all shared similar problems (ironic how all of their names starts with C). Especially Cook and Cassie. To deal with their problems, Cassie hurt herself. Cook hurt others. Cassie loved a guy who loved her best friend. Same with Cook. Cook and Chris were alike too because they both seemed like they didn’t give a fuck, but secretly cared about everything. They were all very lonely too. You saw how their parents treated all of them. They gave 0 attention. Chris and Cooks parents practically disowned them, and Cassie’s parents were too busy fucking each others ears off to notice their daughter was slowly killing herself. But in the end, Cassie had Sid, and Chris had Jal. But Cook was still alone. The one person he loved was now gone. He may have avenged his friend but it will never replace how much he loved Freddie

Now I’m not saying Cook is innocent. He did many stupid things. But I hope you can now see why he did them. And BRAVO if you even read this far. If you want me to dissect another character, just ask! But for now, OGGY OGGY OGGY!