chickenpox is honestly? one of the weirdest cultural things to exist. yhyh i know its not a cultural element, its a disease, but the culture that surrounds it is fucking ridiculous

like,, everyone’s just Expected to get chickenpox. its a part of childhood and because of ykno, developed immunity, you can only get it once, so you get hoards of ppl telling sick kids to enjoy it while it lasts because its become a SYMBOL of childhood. how hilarious is that?!

when i was 10 i did a school project on viruses and discovered tht a chickenpox vaccine exists, and let me tell u, that class of 9-11 year olds was outraged!! we thought it was so ridiculous tht ppl would get a vaccine to stop this universally-relatable fun-to-compare-experiences-about thing.

and, most amazingly: Chickenpox Playdates. possibly like the Weirdest thing people do wrt/ chickenpox right? so one kid gets ill and ofc suddenly everyone arranged playdates bc they want their kids to catch chickenpox asap. i mean it makes good sense but like, humans are fucking ridiculous

I feel a bit lonely.. i talk to my dog every day. Cause he is my only friend. He is my best friend. My disorder takes everything i have.. i feel scared and confused… just like a little child. I take my teddy bear, cuddle it and go to sleep… listen to bring me the horizon and think about the lyrics how perfectly they fit to my miserable life..

When you were little and you fell, they would ask you where it hurt. You would point to your knees, your arm or an elbow and they would make it better. But you noticed as you get older that if you fall, they do not ask you where it hurts. You sit silently in your room waiting for someone to ask you where it hurts pointing to your head and your heart because that is where the pain hurts the most, but nobody makes it better.
—  h.g.

Like, people are right to notice that there’s a sort of infantilism or arrested development going on w people right now. But like to act as if that’s because of some magical moral failing that we just happen to have, or like a utopian view of adolescence (when we grew up in an age of Unending War and surveillance, and a lot of us were gay so our childhoods weren’t great), as opposed to the fact that more and more of us are living in a sort of arrested economic state of dependency and inability to actually achieve the stability that adulthood has been articulated is absurd. And more and more of us also (I think rightfully) are suspicious of a future to build to in the face of rising inequality and global environmental catastrophe