Sempre falei do amor só pelo ponto de vista externo, sempre achei tão lindo, meu maior sonho era viver um amor.. Amar, ser amado, me sentir vivo como eles se sentiam. Claro que tem o lado ruim, mas o lado bom chega a ofuscar a outra parte. Mesmo sabendo dos sofrimentos que ele pode nos causar, eu quero amar, e se causar feridas, que sejamos o remédio que irá nos curar, se causar sofrimento, que sejamos o bobo que irá nos fazer sorrir, eu só quero te fazer sentir tudo isso que eu sinto e sempre quis sentir..
—  Caio Gabriel.

Though I don’t love the show as much as I used to anymore, I’m still going to miss it like hell during the hiatus. Also, I think this hiatus is going to be worse than last year, because there’s less to speculate about. There was no huge reveal comparable to ALIE or to Clarke waking up in Mt. Weather. Instead we have a six month deadline for the apocalypse, and no specific plot except “stop the apocalypse”

Appealing automatic 2D fire

Here is a more polished version of our “AUTO FLAME”

The only setback is that it doesn’t loop, but for production, you can make it burn for as long as you want, so it’s not even necessary.

It’s 100% CG and it responds to movement, (if you move a torch, the flame will bend and follow) and you can regulate the intensity. Anything from a Candle to good flamethrower, done in 10 minutes of setting the parameters instead of 5 painful hours of hand drawn pyros.

The ones in Moon rises will have an extra level of love added.

We owe this to our wonderful patrons.

Anyone can generate the flame basis, and then a polishing pass is required.

This was our departure tutorial.


To all the Caregivers

☆ You’re allowed to have bad days!
You’re allowed to have some free time just for you!
You’re allowed to have days off!
You’re all valid!
You’re good enough!
You’re being very responsible!
You’re looking good!
You’re an good daddy!
You’re a good mommy!
You’re good at whatever you do!
You’re loved by your littles so so so much!