GoT community in a Nutshell:

Arya kills dozens of people: she is so strong and independent.

Bran gets Summer and Hodor killed, bc he wanted to explore the greendreams himself: He is so cool. mistakes happen. he is so important.

Tyrion making dickjokes instead of showing his intellect: he is such a funny guy.

Daenerys plans to conquer a continent she has never seen with 100k of rapists: GO girls, take whats yours (even if its not)

Jon gets thousands of men killed bc he couldnt stick to his OWN battleplan: he is our king!!

Cersei burns down half the city: Wow she is a beast of a woman 10/10

Jaime makes 180° turn on his s4/5 character: he is sooooo cool.

Sansa jumps over her own shadow and asks the man that sold her to a rapist for help and dares to show own ambitions to take back her family home and speaks harsh truths(rickon) and then dares to enjoy the first time she has power: SHE IS SUCH A STUPID BITCH. SHE GOT LADY KILLED. SHE GOT NED KILLED. SHE BURNED DOWN WINTERFELL HERSELF. SHE GOT RICKON KILLED. I WANT HER DEAD SO MUCH. SHE IS A POWERHUNGRY BITCH THAT ALWAYS BETRAYS HER FAMILY. I CANT WAIT FOR HER TO DIE.

Had to paint out the feels! Cersei, you go, girl!

EDIT: Prints are up to those who’s been asking :) https://society6.com/innavjuzhanina

GoT completely emotionally destroyed me with the last episode, had to paint it out before it tore me from inside. Many more powerful moments from the last episode, but had time to paint just one.