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i'll give you a break for once and only send in two: frufus and doranhar


  • Who was the one to propose: Rufus
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: FREED
  • Who decorated the house: Rufus
  • Who does the cooking: Freed
  • Who does the cleaning: Freed
  • Who is more organized: Both of them are equally organized ((neat freaks))
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: Probably Rufus because Freed is pretty shy
  • Who suggested kids first: Freed


  • Who was the one to propose: Doranbolt
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: LAHAR ARE YOU KIDDING ME
  • Who decorated the house: Both of them, but they argued a lot due to conflicting decorating ideas
  • Who does the cooking: Lahar
  • Who does the cleaning: Lahar
  • Who is more organized: Lahar
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: Either one, it depends. But usually Doranbolt
  • Who suggested kids first: Doranbolt

They say a man once died from eating one of these, but with a smile on his face and the pain of his collapsing heart and violently over-clocking digestive system numbed by the overwhelming pleasure of the miniature replicas of Heaven dancing on his taste buds in every bite, he slipped out an excruciating, “It was worth every bite.” Ladies and gentleman I present to you:

The “Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake”
The Cheesecake Factory (Sherman Oaks)
1370 Calories.

Meu dia foi preenchido por risadas, momentos de raiva e sorrisos inocentes. Mas, se você me perguntasse qual deles me marcou mais, ficaria desapontado. Pois, eu diria, sem pensar duas vezes, que foi quando me irritei e quis explodir o mundo. Isso porquê, assim como o resto da humanidade, tenho um defeito de fábrica: Sempre olho primeiro o lado negativo das coisas, ao invés de olhar a parte boa. Por isso, meu amigo, o mundo está cheio de infelizes.
—  Instinto de Tsunami. Azarão
"Jealous" - Ashley Purdy Imagine

“They’re getting on my nerves" Ashley says while he observed his girlfriend talking to Jason, a guy that she knew since high school

"Calm down man" Andy says trying to calm him down

"If he touches her arm once again i’ll go there and beat the shit out of him" he says angrily while he observed every move of them

"If you are like jealous go there and show him that she’s your girl, not his" Jake says supporting him

"I’m not jealous" Ashley says defending himself

"What idea, you’re super jealous Purdy" Jinxx says teasing him

"I already told you a hundred of times, i’m not the jealous type" he says not paying attention to the guys

"For her, we all understand the jealous Ashley" CC says observing Y/N 

"Don’t look at my girl like that Christian" He says angry

"Admit you’re jealous and he wil stop" Andy says laughing

"I’m not jealous" Ashley says trying to convince himself

"Ok, at your orders" CC says while looking at Y/N

"Stop looking at my girl you fucking idiot of shit" Ashley says furios

"Admit it Purdy" Jinxx says

"Yeah, yeah I am jealous. Happy?" he says a little less furios "Now stop looking Christian" 

"Go talk to them" Jake says

"I will" Ashley says and goes to where Y/N was with Jason and puts an arm around her waist "Hey beautiful" he says and kisses her

"Hey babe. This is Jason, Jason this is Ashley" Y/N says nicely 

"Nice to meet you Ashley, as you know I am Jason, her friend from school" Jason says introducing himself with an handshake

"I’m Ashley, her boyfriend, nice to meet you too Jason" Ashley says corresponding his handshak

"I didn’t knew you had a boyfriend Y/N" Jason says pretending to be shocked

"I just talked with you about him Jason" Y/N says ignoring her

"Do I know you from somewhere?" Jason asks Ahley

"No, but maybe you know me because of my work" Ashley says indifferent

"Ashley is a bassist in a rock band" Y/N says proud of her boyfriend

"Which one?" Jason asks interested

"Black Veil Brides, the other members are over there" Y/N says and points to the table where the guys were talking

"Oh yeah, I know the band. It’s pretty cool tought. I love it, I am a fan but I didn’t recognize you because of the red locks" Jason says to Ashley

"It’s fine man, it’s always great to meet a fan." Ashley says with a smile

"Good choice Y/N, you two look great together" Jason says with a fake smile

"Thanks Jason" Y/N says smiling

"Yeah thanks" Ashley says not believing on his words

"I couldn’t be better with another guy, I love him and I am happy with him. Well I would like to talk more but I came here to be with my best friends so goodbye" Y/N says understanding that Jason was being fake and goes away with Ashley

"Good one baby, good one" Ashley says and kisses her

"Thanks panda" Y/N says sitting on Ashley’s lap

"Not so much baby, I don’t wear makeup anymore" Ashley says smiling

"With or without makeup you still my panda" Y/N says and kisses him

"So did you already ate all the food that you ordered?" Y/N asked while eating her food

"Yeah, we eat while Ashley was having his little attack and in the middle of his own complains he must have eaten too" CC says calmly 

"What attack are you refering to? Complains about what?" Y/N asks to all while she finished eating

"He was complaining and having a jealous attack because of you and Jason" Jake says quietly

"Ashley? Is this true?" Y/N asks turning to him

"NOO" he says and everyone looks at him waiting for the real answer "Ok maybe just a little bit” he says softly

“So cute my pandaY/N says and hugs him

So I hope you enjoyed reading it and that you liked it. Make some requests, give me some opinions or make some question if you need. Thanks for reading.

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