konnnichihuahua as Jane!


Howdy, there, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance! My name is Jane Crocker, proud heiress of Crockercorp. That isn’t all there is too me, of course! I’m probably the gutsiest gumshoe there is today. I adore reading of any sort, but especially something with a good mystery! There’s nothing better than a thrilling caper and exciting plot twist that will keep your heart hammering and your tush on the edge of your seat! Speaking of which, watch your back! I find myself a skilled pranksteress. I will take no risk to see a prank is done right, but make sure to get me back, I don’t hold a grudge! I look forward to speaking to you all more and having a grand old time! 

Welcome konnnichihuahua as our new Jane! Thank you so much for all of you who auditioned and I’m truly sorry to those who didn’t get the part!


Okay so I opened up submissions on my blog, so if you’d like to be casted in moosicals or disney or both:

- Submit a picture or what your selfie tag is to me from the SUBMISSIONS button on my blog! (or go to suddenlysondheim.tumblr.com/submit)

-If you like the blog you see, give me a follow, I swear I’m funny and sometimes cute.

- Also reblog this post so I can do more bc I like seeing all your beautiful broadway-bound faces.

EDIT: Also put your preferred pronouns/gender for roles or else I’ll cast you as both “male” and “female” roles. <333

youaremychoding as Jake!

Hello there. What a fine bevy of chums this is. Im jake english: adventurer extrordinare. I am delighted to be able to join you to answer the impending questions of the general public. Though *rubs head* i do hope there will actually be some questions for someone quite like me. *Clears throat* anywho about me. I quite enjoy cinema. I find most of it to be absolutely top notch particularly the films that include women of the um… *grabs towel* cerulean kind. I also enjoy a good round of fisticuffs. You know scrums and what not. Plus I have plenty of firearms for adventuring aplenty. If you ever need a shoot em up kind of guy who will be willing to jump to your aid with guns ablaze Im your man.

Welcome youaremychoding as our new Jake!