I’ve been marathoning Gravity Falls while drawing backgrounds at work. Bought the series on iTunes, played the episodes in QuickTime and set the window to float on top while I drew and painted in photoshop.

I love this show so much, holy crap. I’m also hella impressed by Alex Hirsch, who’s done a lot of the voice work and scriptwriting work. I call Gravity Falls ‘Alex Hirsch’s self-insert fanfiction’ and some people think that’s a kind of an insult but it’s actually my affectionate nickname for that show, especially since Alex himself said on Twitter that Dipper is basically him. 

The show has such a clear tone and vision. I know a few people who don’t like that a lot of it is taken from Alex’s real life experiences (durrr why cant anything be original), but I think that just makes the series feel richer and more genuine; it comes from someplace really personal and loved.

I kinda hope there’d be a full-length Gravity Falls movie; that’s something I would gladly pay money to watch.

King Cuppy Cake:

I’m working on a webcomic with the wonderful futureboundentertainmentcalled Battle of the Snacks, and this is the design for the main character, Cuppy. He is our brave hero, fearless leader, and main character.

He dresses in light red, NOT pink. Pink isn’t a kingly color.








IM REALLY SLOW OKAY BUT I JUST REALIZED THAT PLANKTON WAS SINGING ABOUT THE ATOMIC BOMB. Do you remember when SpongeBob was teaching Plankton what his definition of fun was, and how Plankton sung his own version? He sang: “F is for Fire the burns down the whole town–” (when the U.S. firebombed important Japanese cities) “U is for Uranium–bombs!!–” (when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) “N is for No survivors, when you–” “PLANKTON!!”