What would Nate do if he had a million dollars?

News from Nate @BMIF2

Video of Nate dancing, click me

Nate got on stage even if he wasn’t planned. He wanted to enjoy his time with his fans. Here are a few things that he said:
-Nate jokingly: “Please all apologize for your accents. Thanks”.
-He wants to have drinks with people who give more than they receive.
-Nate is very inspired by a pastor named Louie Giglio, to whom he goes at his church in Atlanta.
-When Nate met Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson & Tom Hanks he wasn’t like “wow” but when he met Louie Giglio he was very intimated.
-Nate: “If you have a will and a purpose for something the universe will always find a way. Have faith in life when it’s tough”.
-He got his tattoo after his encounter with Louie Giglio to remember that the universe is by your side when you’re patient.
-Nate loves that the fans at the ‪BMIF2‬ convention are so calm.
-Someone asked him if he could dance for the fans and he answered: “Can I do it later?”
-Everytime a fan starts to ask him a question he says “You didn’t say ‘Sorry for my accent’!” :D
-“You guys are so beautiful let’s keep going until someone says stop” -Nate: “When you do something good your heart feels complete”.
-What is the craziest thing you’ve done for a girl? -Nate: “I don’t have a girlfriend so that doesn’t really work out in my favor and sometimes it’s really personal it’s hard to share! The first girl I fell in love with… I picked her up from school everyday and was always on time. I had the butterflies when I saw her, I was so nervous and I’ve never had that again. I’m very sentimental. So if my girlfriend loves fish I’m gonna find out everything about fishes”
-Nate: “What is important this weekend it’s not about us. This is about you, about your experience.”
-“When your purpose is about someone else you start to live”
-Nate felt guilty to buy a 200$ laptop he didn’t need so on his way back home he wanted to do something good and say to God I have to do something really nice to someone bc in L.A. you can feel alone really quickly. He went to get some food and there was a young guy who asked some money. He offered to buy him a meal and they sat together to eat, they talked about how he got there. He was from Cleveland where it’s really cold during winter so he moved to L.A. Nate took him to buy clothes and Nate offered to find him a job, but the kid told him he wished he had a guitar so he could play and win money by himself so Nate bought him a really great guitar and everything that the guitar needed (strings etc). They drove back, the kid told him “You’re an angel. I woke up this morning and asked to god if it was the best of my life, it was my last day and I was gonna give up on everything.” He was crying and Nate knew he did something good thanks to the universe who planned Nate to buy a guitar and not to feel guilty and save the kid.