❝ Laura Roslin taught me a great deal about the trade-off that occurs, the constant negotiation between heart and mind that occurs in a woman when operating at the top of the male power structure. Playing this female president gave me a deep curiosity and profound visceral experience of smart capable women who choose to step into the top job. ❞
 ↳ Mary McDonnell, on what she learned from playing Laura Roslin

  • first time watching Battlestar Galactica:unexpectedly this isn't the scifi trash the title suggested but a show with a revolutionary style, articulate realism and searing dialogue and the most stellar cast in history; it uses a truly fantastical premise to highlight a dark, yet idealistic truth about our most basic human nature
  • second time:wow this truly is the perfect simulation of a genderblind society that still has to deal with classism and racial issues whilst combating complete moral bankrupcy in the face of extinction
  • third time:every time i watch this show i discover new nuances and still enjoy the stories
  • fourth time:gaius baltar toilet jokes

I was looking for a specific moment with Laura to make a gif and I always wondered why she was laughing while Adama was telling Chief Tyrol that he could live on New Caprica. Then I watched the extended version of the episode. Bill has just a huge hangover and he can’t remember what he’s talking about so Laura has to tell him.

Adama: I’ve been thinking about… what you said… and you may be right… uhh ‘bout what you said.
Chief Tyrol: … I’m sorry what?
Adama: …
Laura: *whispers* about living down here…
Adama: oh right… about living down here…