make me choose
    ↳ kayryn asked Dana Scully or Laura Roslin

I, Laura Roslin do now avow and affirm that I accept the office of the president of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol and that I will protect and defend the sovereignty of the Colonies with every fiber of my being.


This is the Commander. Moments ago, this ship received word of a Cylon attack against our home worlds is underway. We do not know the size or the disposition or the strength of the enemy forces. But all indications point to a massive assault against Colonial defenses. Admiral Negala has taken personal command of the fleet aboard the Battlestar Atlantea following complete destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters in the first wave of the attacks. How, why - doesn’t really matter now. What does matter is that as of this moment, we are at war. You’ve trained for this, you’re ready for this. Stand to your duties, trust your fellow shipmates, and we’ll all get through this. 


#behind every great man there’s a great woman


                                               …it fell apart under its own weight…

i thought if i could get over her, i could get over anything. i could endure, conquer, be a man, stand up to any and all kinds of punishment. and that, that is when i finally realized how much i loved her. if i needed all that strength, what was the point? i needed to be with her.