female awesome meme: [3/5] non-warrior characters  ⇒  Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)  

“After what we’ve been through, it would be very easy to give up, to lose hope. But not here. Not today.”


“ Look around you. Take a good look at the men and women that stand next to you. Remember their faces, for one day you will tell your children and your grandchildren that you served with such men and women that the universe has never seen. And together, you accomplished a feat that will be told and retold down through the ages and find immortality as only the gods once knew.


“I think Battlestar is one of those shows that will continue to be enjoyed because at least at this point, it’s not dated yet and it’s still relevant to what goes on in our society. I watch The Walking Dead and I’m like “Wow, if Battlestar was 10 years later in the era of bingewatching when it originally aired, in the era of Twitter and social media, would it have reached those kind of masses initially?” Because it’s a very similar story in many ways of human survival and the depths that people go to to survive…” Tricia Helfer [x]