Battlestar Galactica: Lee Adama [ISFJ]

Si: Lee is very traditional. He tends to hold onto grudges for a long time, and have very vivid memories of the past. (It takes him a long time to get over his resentment toward his father over his brother’s death.) Like his father, he is dutiful and practical. He has both feet on the ground. Lee wants to hear all the related information before making decisions. He seeks to base his principles on what is known (such as the laws of Caprica), rather than form his own brand of morality.

Fe: He is warm and personable, able to easily understand what others want and need and accommodate them. Lee is a natural barrier between his father and Laura, since he can soothe the ruffled feathers of both (when he wants to). He is interested in justice for everyone involved, not just for “his side of the issue,” and will sometimes take an unpopular stance merely because he strongly believes in universal fairness. Often, his anger at Starbuck is out of concern for her own recklessness. He hesitates to cheat on his wife and isn’t always aware of his own emotions.

Ti: His ability to see both sides of an issue allows Lee to be a peacemaker, but also to right wrongs. He can see logically the reasons everyone has for their beliefs and chooses between them based on the facts and principles involved. He isn’t afraid to take an unpopular stance or change sides if he’s won over with a good argument.

Ne: Even though this is his weakest function, Lee still uses it in his vision for what the Fleet should become; he sees what will happen if it falls under full military control, and believes in a system of government and the rights of the people to make decisions, even if they are the wrong ones.