I had an art scholarship before a football scholarship, and I told the writers that and they added it into the script that I was an artist. I also remember telling them that for me, a father of 5, a minivan was the perfect vehicle. They turned it around and made the team do a stakeout in the minivan. This is me, I am that sensitive. the audience thinks they’re inventing Jeffords, but I exist – and there are plenty of big guys who love to paint and drive minivans out there!
—  Terry Crews Talks About His Character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine
But the show is quietly breaking ground (it has yet to crack five million viewers) with one of the most ethnically diverse casts on broadcast television. Samberg’s star detective is a goofball but skilled investigator whose two bosses are black men—one of whom is gay—and two of his detective peers are Latinas. In the same way that ensemble dramas like “ER,” “Lost” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” paved the way for multiculturalism without tokenism, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” defies stereotypical comedic expectations and finds the humor in humanity—not skin color or ethnic background or sexual preference.
—  NBC News