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Outfit #161 “Morphine Redux”

Breaking Bad S05x04 “Fifty-One”

We’ve arrived at an interesting juncture: Jesse dons the t-shirt he wore the first time he and Jane shot up together, #65. He’s paired it with a tonal grey camo-patterned hoodie.

Why now? We know yellow is quite dangerous on pumpkin but why does he choose now of all times to dig out some Jane-era clothing? Perhaps it’s because he’s ditched Andrea. Sometimes we go back to the one we lost when we’re alone. And maybe his state of mind is more introspective and full of longing. I also can’t help but think it’s a marker of just how much is at risk as they move forward in pursuit of methylamine. We know what is coming: tragedy for all. But, Jesse doesn’t know this. So, the shirt serves as subtle foreshadowing for J. Danger lurks ahead at every pass.

Special Shoutout to Lydia for looking boss in that grey bell-bottomed suit! Lydia will get her time to shine, promise.

glassofwhiskey: Just ran across this shot of this beautiful man and I and I had to share it. There’s a story behind this shot. This day. I remember it like it was yesterday. Memories are funny that way. This was the first day back to work after falling head first in love with my wife. Feeling the heat of the Albuquerque sky as I told him about what had happened to me that past weekend. I went on and on about what I was feeling and he interrupted me and asked me a question. He said “Do you put the moon and the stars in the sky for her”? I said I hope so. You don’t know?!? You must know. I called her and he asked her himself and then he sang to her. It was incredible. That’s the type of man that he is. Loud bark and no bite who wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s also a huge romantic so that’s why he wanted to put us on the spot. A couple of years later I asked him to read a poem at our wedding. He asked me if I had one in mind and I said that I wanted him to choose one. I know it will be perfect. And it was. I love this picture. I love this man. Jonathan Banks you beautiful beast you, I miss you every single day