#BREAKING massive pod #pilotwhales slaughtered in #Faroeislands
4 Sea Shepherd crew arrested. 2 by the Faroese police on the beach and 2 arrested by the Danish Navy at Sea.

Send a message to the Prime minster of Denmark. Send him pictures to let him know what his bloody navy is defending

Danish Prime Minister, Lars Lokke Rasmussen at stm@stm.dk

Sorry for those sensitive to this sort of graphics but yeah this is actually happening right now!!
#seashepherd #OpGrindini #pilotwhales #Faroeislands


We can write a lot of things about highways in Romania. There are a few in the country, but we need more, much more. Some roads are going to be finished in 2020, but they are mainly located in the west, in the wealthier Transylvania. Moreover, they are unable to connect with the North, East or Southeast of the country, poor regions that desperately need developments. 

So, this is our idea. These four highways are needed to give the whole country a future.

- Calafat - Galati: 555 km | This highway connects the Southeast of Romania (and Bulgaria) with the port towns Braila and Galati on the Danube River. Important for the economy in two poor parts of the country, for both ports, for the passageway to Moldova - both the region of Romania as the Republic with the same name. This road connects a lot of big(ger) cities: Craiova, Slatina, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Buzau, Braila and Galati. And Bulgaria with the Republic of Moldova. Not bad, huh? 

- Brasov - Vaslui: 327 km | Again: the north is very poor. A connection with Transylvania and Western Europe is really important. This highway is going to fix a lot of problems. The section Brasov to Bacau is the most significantly part. The section Bacau - Vaslui - the Republic of Moldova can be built later.

- Bucharest - Radauti: 488 km | The capital needs to connect to the high North. The first section could be built later, thanks to the A1 from Bucharest to Ploiesti and the proposed red highway (Calafat - Galati). The government needs to make the highway from Buzau to Radauti, and the border with Ukraine. Connecting Bucharest with Buzau, Focsani, Bacau, Piatra Neamt, Targu Neamt, Suceava and Ukraine. 

- Targu Neamt to Iasi and Ungheni: 128 km | Iasi is the capital of historical Moldovia. This requires a (short) highway. The city emphasizes its historic role by linking Moldova with the rest of Romania.

So, that’s our proposal. A total of 1370 km. What do you think? Which highway is most needed?