Researchers have built the first reprogrammable quantum computer
By Fiona MacDonald

Researchers have built the first quantum computer that can not only be programmed, but, just like a regular computer, can actually be reprogrammed, too.

This latest device is only made from five atoms, but it’s a huge step towards building scalable, functioning quantum computers that could change the way we process data forever.

Quantum computers have the power to be exponentially more powerful than today’s regular computers, which are based on units of information called bits that can either be in a ‘0’ or '1’ state.

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► BREAKING: Radioactive’s Monster Rookies Hit the Million Mark

Barely part of the industry for a day, Heirs’ is already blowing up. In less than 12 hours, their two debut videos both hit 1 million views, hitting 2 million a short time later. They have yet to promote their songs yet, but critics speculate that Heirs’  ……. READ MORE HERE

BREAKING: MNet Reveals Plans For a New Survival Show

Yesterday evening, MNet officials held a meeting regarding the programs on their fall line-up, and while several of the shows and dramas the network have planned are familiar to those who watch a lot of TV, a new title raised eyebrows. 

Named the ‘Idol Project’, MNet disclosed that their new show will be a survival show, collecting female trainees from multiple companies and having them compete against each other for a spot in a group– a temporary group managed by MNet that will be promoting for a year before the trainees are sent back to their companies. MNet revealed that the trainees will be put to the test in all areas; vocals, dance, rap, and most importantly, their ability to perform. Celebrity mentors and judges will be welcomed on the show to make decisions and provide guidance, and fans at home will get to vote for their favorites.

MNet has yet to reveal when Idol Project will start running, or anything to do with the companies involved, but sources say they are planning on revealing more in the days to come.

► Legacy and Crown Web-Drama Rumors Addressed

Fans went into a frenzy when rumors started being passed around last week about Legacy and Crown possibly getting their own web-dramas, and Radioactive Entertainment CEO, Kwon Dongpil, finally addressed those rumors today. It seems  …….. READ MORE HERE

Radioactive’s Golden Child Wrapped Up in TRAXX Controversy?

Will the scandal surrounding TRAXX member Yoon Hasik only spiraling even more out of control, one would think he’d keep a low profile and keep his head down, but rumors say the rapper was spotted out on a date with Radioactive Entertainment soloist and producer, Shrines. Sources close to both individuals disclosed that the two are close, and that they would not be surprised if there was a relationship there. 

Netizens were in outrage at the alleged relationship between the two– some fearing for Shrines’ safety and well-being, and some disgusted with her for stooping as low as to date Hasik of all people. This scandal is out of character for Shrines, who in her many years at Radioactive, has never been caught up in any trouble until now. 

Radioactive Entertainment and Spotlight Productions have yet to comment on this new development.

Heirs Debut Wows the World

Ever since their debut was announced, people have been excited to see what Radioactive’s newest group had to bring to the table, and after their debut yesterday, it seems like they did not disappoint. Heirs made their debut with two tracks, the first …….. READ MORE HERE

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On August 12th, MNet released the following article regarding their newest survival show

We are proud to announce our next big project, accurately named the ‘Idol Project’. 

In our new survival show designed to put female trainees to the test, 25 contestants from 5 separate entertainment agencies will compete against each other for a chance to debut. 7 of the trainees will be selected to be part of a special girl group that will promote for a year before returning to their respective companies to continue with their training. It is through collaboration with DS Media, Radioactive Entertainment, Spotlight Productions, IL Entertainment and New Wave Music that we are able to pull this ambitious project off, so we would like to sincerely thank all five companies for enabling us to do this.

Trainees of all ages, experience levels, ethnicities and talents will be competing, and the show will feature a rotating panel of judges, mentors and coaches. While competing on the show, trainees will stay in a dorm together, and the shared living spaces will feature cameras, for confessionals and an inside peek on the lives of these trainees. We are  excited to announce that the public will be able to help their favorite trainees achieve success through online votes as the show continues. 

Each episode will feature performances of varying genres, and will include challenges that will not only showcase the ladies’ talents, but also push them to do things they may not be experienced in to see how they will react and adapt. 

The final lineup for the show is being finalized and will be announced soon, with the show itself premiering within the next few weeks. 

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KBS Docking Stations Reveal Upcoming Tracks

With Feedback, the first track to come out of KBS Docking Station, debuting the project as quite a hit, fans were anxious to see what was next from the ongoing collaborations, and who would be part of it. Fans were pleasantly surprised when the plans were released, and it was revealed that Track Two would actually be a double track– two releases and two songs, with a total of twelve artists stepping up for the next collaboration.

Track Two, produced by L3THAL PRODUCTION$’ very own Hyosang, will feature him, Juno’s Jia, Haze’s Subin, Reign’s Eunhee and Iris’ Jieun. While fans seemed excited for that one, it didn’t cause nearly as many waves as Track Three. Produced by legendary producer, Andrew Woo, the third track seems to be all rappers, with the lineup consisting of Andrew himself, Insomnia’s Titan, L3THAL soloist PROPHET, Hydra’s Nathan, Crown’s Gun, and two TRAXX members– Hasik and Hero. Not only were fans questioning Hasik’s participation on the track, as his record with the press has not been the cleanest as of late, but they were inquiring about Andrew’s too– this is the first time he has featured on a track since 2011, since the untimely death of his late wife.

Despite all the rumors and controversy, people seem very hyped for the tracks, which both will be released on August 30th.

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