Warm. Comfortable. Safe. Things that’d he’d felt just days before that now seemed as though they’d been an eternity ago. The ranger groaned as he sat up, wincing as he stretched trying to loosen the muscles in his back. After several failed attempts, he sighed before reaching over to scratch behind one of Savage’s ears, signaling to the tiger that he was up, and that it was the animals turn to rest for a short while.

There had been very little downtime since his arrival. Wave after wave of demons, battle after battle, with just enough time to catch his breath in between. The only positive is that it hadn’t allowed for much time to dwell on how much he missed the little cottage in Pandaria, and the people within it.  

It was not all that long ago he’d been left with a choice. Retreat to the farthest corner of Azeroth he could find and isolate himself, or take time, regroup, and be willing to try and grow from the ‘experience’. He’d chosen the latter, and in the process he managed to wander back to himself. Not the person other people had wanted him to be, but the person that he was.

Amorthon reached over, grabbing his bow and checking the string, an action that had quickly become part of his morning ritual since his arrival. He hadn’t just found his way back to himself, he’d also found people who were happy to interact and engage with him as is…no changes required. People who were proud to be seen with him, rather than keeping him a secret, and demanding that he be a different person. He reached over and ran a hand down the tiger’s back. It was…nice. Unexpected, but nice. 

The ranger sighed at the sound of alarms going off in the distance. Yes, he’d finally managed to find people who were okay with just him….and then the damn world had to try and end. Seemed to be his luck. “Come on Savage, we’ve got work to do.”

Dating Michael would include

- playing with his hair a lot

- when you stop for any reason he’d whine softly and rub up against you until you picked it up again

- constantly telling him TO STOP YELLING

- “baby we’re in public… take it down a notch”


- lots of cuddling

- staying in his arms while you both lounged around and played some games

- little kisses all over his face, making his eyes close tightly and a large grin to come over his face

- him trying to convince you to get a tattoo with him

- lots and lots of sex

- he’d love to be different and try new things every night

There can never be another series that is Harry Potter. The Hunger Games was not the next Harry Potter. Neither was Twilight. Or 50 Shades of Grey. The books that are incredibly popular are never just carbon copies of the last big publishing trend. They’re always a surprise. So it’s unlikely that your wizarding school YA series is going to sell as well as Rowling’s did (and does).

Not only that, Harry Potter did not exist in isolation. It’s not just the words on the page that made it what it is. It was the environment: the exact time that it came into the world. Harry Potter and the internet grew up together. Fandom found a new place to play, and the Harry Potter fandom got to establish itself on an internet that was much less crowded than it would ever be again. No book could be the next Harry Potter for me, because no other fandom could dominate fanfic communities like it did, or could create a music genre at the same time that websites like Myspace were just beginning. Harry Potter existed in a time where fandom was changing, where you didn’t need to send out zines and meet in real life groups to obsess over the last book. I doubt anything will match the mania of the HP fandom online during the gap between the 4th and 5th books. (And thank Merlin for that.)

Michael is selfish; He drinks the last of the juice without asking you first and sometimes doesn’t stop playing video games when you ask him to cuddle and he will take all of the blanket when you’re supposed to be curled up in bed together. 

Michael is needy; He whines for you to bring him food when he is sick and you’re almost always late for work because he just wants “one more minute, baby, please” and he needs your hands everywhere all the time: in his hair, on his chest, wrapped around him tightly as you whisper for him to come “just one more time, baby, please”.

Michael is aggressive; He grabs your hips roughly when he takes you from behind and kisses you with enough force to make your head spin and always gets a little pushy when one of his friends gets a little too close when you go out dancing.

Michael is thoughtful; He makes sure to text you at least twice a day while he’s on tour and never forgets to order your favorite food from the place down the street when you’re both too lazy to cook something and he is always, always asking you if you need anything because he is “always gonna be here for you, baby, always.” 

Michael is a lot of things; forgetful, silly, annoying, loving. But above all else, he is yours. One-hundred and fifteen million percent yours, and that’s all you could ever ask him to be. 

a lil fwb!luke blurb

You free tonight?

You stared at the screen of your phone, watching Luke’s name pop up with the message underneath. Biting your lip, you hesitated before replying. Answering him yes, seconds later your phone buzzed again. Reading the message on your phone. He was asking you if you wanted to come over to his place.

Answering him yes once again, you went to change out of your sweats.

You and Luke had met a few years ago, attending the same college. You weren’t that close for the first year you knew him, but somewhere along the way you guys had ended up bonding. Then another year went by, and you guys hooked up.

It was at a party, you had both gotten far too drunk. Luke had been lounging on the couch, and you had slouched down onto his lap. His arms wrapping around your waist, you sat further back onto his lap comfortably. Minutes later, his lips were on your neck, and then you jaw, then against your own lips.

You guys had never made a big deal out of it, deciding to make it a casual thing. That’s when your friends with benefits relationship had started. It happened a lot, either of you guys would text the other asking to “hang out”. Sometimes you guys would do something, but it always ended up in the same way.

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Dating Calum would include

- laying silently with each other

- lightly tracing his tattoos and telling him to get more

- ruffling up his hair and playing with the slight curls

- kissing him and lightly biting his bottom lip

- lazy sex 

- morning sex

- him asking for you to be on top

- having secret nicknames for each other

- a secret handshake

- being the one that makes him giggle uncontrollably

- little kisses here and there, him gently kissing all over your face

You pressed the button on the side of your bed that would signal the nurses station that you needed attention.

“Hmm?” A blonde haired boy with a pierced eyebrow peered in the doorway. “Need something, princess?”

“I-um-” Your words caught in your throat as you heard your heartbeat quicken on the monitor.

“You okay?” He asked carefully, walking to your side and checking the machines as your heart continued to race.

You nodded quickly. “I just needed some water.”

“Let me go get that for you, beautiful.”

Your heartbeat quickened once more at the way the compliment rolled off his tongue like your favorite song.

While you waited for the nurse to return your doctor popped in quickly to see how you were doing.

“I’m feeling okay. Kind of tired.” You shrugged.

“Well, that’s fairly normal. You should be ready to go home by tomorrow evening.” He confirmed, flipping through your charts as Michael rushed back into the room with a bottle of ice cold water.

“Thanks.” You grabbed the bottle from him and your heartbeat slightly picked up when his fingers brushed softly against yours.

“Hmm, that’s interesting.” The doctor murmured as he noticed your heartbeat picking up.

“Do you need anything else, princess?” The nurse asked. You swore you’d never heard a nickname sound more beautiful than it did when it slipped past his lips.

“Michael?” The doctor interrupted.

“Yes sir?”

“Stop talking to Y/N.”

Your eyes widened as you looked between the two.

“Did I offend you by calling you those nicknames?” He asked, worrying etching its way across his features.

“Michael!” The doctor snapped. “You keep making her heartbeat go faster when you talk to her!”

Michael’s mouth formed a small “o” in realization as you saw a knowing glint appear in his eyes.

“Right, well, I’ll slip my number into your pudding tonight, princess. Maybe texting won’t make your heartbeat pick up so quickly.” He smirked, biting his lip playfully as he backed out of the room.

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luke blurb that ended up being over 1k words

“You need to stop referring to me as your friend.” Luke muttered under his breath from next to you, even though you could hear him very clearly. You had just been talking to a friend of yours on the phone, telling her that you were ‘with your friend Luke’.

You had Luke had been messing around for a few months, and you knew very well that you both felt more. Luke especially, brought it up much more than you would like, each time causing more tension with you guys. You couldn’t help that you didn’t want to make a huge commitment and you hated to always to this to Luke but you we’re just scared that if things ended badly with you guys, it wouldn’t hurt as much if you guys weren’t official.

You didn’t say anything in return, although you knew that he knew you had heard him. “I wanna be able to refer to you as my girlfriend.” He muttered again.

“Luke,” You breathed out, trying to surpass your frustrations although you stood up. “You can’t just-” Cutting yourself off, you let out another breath. “You can’t just spring that on me.” You groaned, voice unintentionally rising by the end of your sentence. “Spring that on you?” He furrowed his eyebrows, voice rising as well. “I’m not springing anything on you. This has been a long time coming and you know it.”

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ceo luke had a thing for showing you off. Besides his riches and power, you were his most favourite thing. It was evident in the numerous photos he had of the two of you together on his desks. His favourite one being a photo of you clad in black lace lingerie set laying down on dollar bills. That was definitely one of his favourite nights, being able to make love to you against all of his money. 

anonymous asked:

please do one on Harry finding out you faked it!!! I'll give you my first born!

“Fuck, you’re gonna make me come.”

The minute the words came out of your mouth, you regretted it.  Because now, he was going to expect you to come.  

Let’s be real here, sex with Harry was always good.  He always satisfied you.  Or should you say, he always knew how to satisfy you.  

Something had been off tonight.  You weren’t sure what.  It wasn’t Harry.  Or maybe it was.  God, you just wanted to end it and go to bed so you could stop over analyzing the situation.

His face was buried in your neck, the same place it had been for at least the last ten minutes as he drove into you with everything he had.  

You dug deep, trying to remember the last few times you’d come.  How had you done it?  What had you said?  And before you had a chance to talk yourself out of it, the dramatics started.  You let out a tiny mewl, followed by a sigh.  Even you had to ask yourself what the hell you’d just done.  

He pulled his head up off your neck, his eyebrows knitting as he looked down at you,

“Did you…”  He let his sentence trail off, “Because it didn’t…I mean…I usually can feel you.”

You blinked a few times.  He was on top of you still, buried inside of you with sweat beads on his forehead from how hard he’d been working to please you.  Lying was not an option.  He would know.

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what do you think fighting with cal would be like?

i think it would be loud and emotional, like calum doesn’t share his feelings a lot and i think he’s the type to bottle up frustrations until they overflow and when they do it’s like a volcano of hurt and anger spewing from his lips, listing all the stupid shit you do that pisses him off that he normally let’s slide, like when you flirt a little too much with other boys or how you always leave your clothes evERYWHERE in his apartment, so he’d start yelling and you’d yell back in defense bc he does stupid shit too that you hate like getting too drunk too often, and it would just be so fucking awful and you’d keep going until one of you either stormed out screaming “fine! if you don’t want me here, i’m fucking leaving!” or broke down in tears whispering “please stop, i’m sorry… i-….. i’m so sorry” and whoever didn’t break down would always get broken by the sight of the other one’s pain, and you always end up comforting each other sooner or later bc you’d both know you only fought so hard bc you loved each other so fucking much

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"You can't just hand me a baby and leave!"

“You can’t just hand me a baby and leave!” Calum screamed as he ran after you down the stairs of his apartment building.

“Yes I can, Calum! He’s your son too, and it’s time you start acting like a real father instead of a deadbeat!” You shouted back, angrily ripping open the door of your car.

He ran up to you and slammed your car door shut before you could get inside. “I have a world tour starting this week! I can’t take him with me!” He glanced at the one year old resting on his hip before looking back at you with pleading eyes.

You pinched the bridge of your nose. “Calum, I told you I have an audition in France this week, and you agreed you’d take him until I got back.”

“But that was before our tour was scheduled!” He shrieked.

Your son whimpered softly at the loudness of Calum’s voice, and when he looked at the frightened child his eyes softened slightly before he looked back at you and lowered his voice.

“I can’t take him, Y/N. You’ll just have to figure something out. I’m sure the dance studio will have a day care set up for mother’s with children.”

You scoffed and shook your head. “It amazes me that we ever worked. He is your son too, Calum, and you already only see him maybe twice a year if the kid is lucky. You have a whole fleet of people who will help you watch after him while you’re touring.”

He opened his mouth to speak but you cut him off.

“Don’t do this for me, Calum. Do this for your son.”

Calum looked at the small boy who had nuzzled his head into his father’s neck and was snoring softly, just like his father he could fall asleep anytime anywhere no matter the circumstances.

“He’s a really good kid, Cal, but he needs his dad.”

Calum moved away from your car door and nodded his head.

The guilt from your words weighed heavily on his heart as he watched you get into your car and roll the window down. His heart clenched when he saw you take a deep breath and wipe a tear before looking into his deep brown eyes, those eyes that you used to spend hours staring into while the two of you talked about your future until the sun came up.

“Please don’t disappoint him, Cal.” You swallowed thickly and your voice went to a whisper. “Don’t disappoint him like you did me.”

Dating Luke would include

- lots and lots of kissing

- a lot of cute little smirks to one another


- “babe you look really good”

- “wow im so lucky”

- Sex 



- cuddles where you both would lay in silence and play with each other’s hair

- cute photos with even cuter captions

- being the couple that range from cute to weird

- weird nicknames for each other 

- little hidden hickeys 

- tons of fun times

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What do you think Calum would be like in the mornings

v grumpy and sleepy and he’d wake up with groans of displeasure and prop himself up on his elbow as he’d rub the sleep out of his eyes (probably with cute lil grunts) and he’d mutter something like “fuck” before rolling over onto you and nuzzling his face into your neck with his arms tightly around you and as nice as it would be you’d still remind him that “cal we have to get up bby” and he’d groan again and murmur “can we just cuddle for like 5 mins” and you’d agree with a sigh even though you wanted nothing more than to stay there half-covered in his sleepy body bc you knew how much harder it would be to leave the bed after getting cozy and cuddly but ugh it would be so nICE and calum would be so soft and warm and his quiet breathing would be so damn soothing and god i’d give anything to wake up next to him