BLOCK B “Very Good” Parody

I thought Zico was one of the most busy kpop leaders and that he probably has many sleepless nights ahead of him from promotion. Turns out he can squeeze in time to go to the park to record silly pointless sketches of him tormenting the maknae

the more you know


You’re about to go on your first date with Taeil. You decided to put on the prettiest outfit you could find. It turned out to be a cute flower pattern dress with some black heels. The heels were difficult since you never actually wear them because you rarely go out, just to school and come back. 

Finally Taeil arrived. You run to open the door and you find Taeil in a Plain T-Shirt, black pants and converse and on his right hand a single Daisy. He looked cute in your opinion. 

When he looked up at you you sensed something wasn’t right. Taeil didn’t look calm, but rather… concerned. You noticed he kept looking down, so you did as well. You noticed the problem right away. “Taeil, could you hold up a second? I left something in my room” You went quickly to your room. 

When you come back Taeil looks at you surprised “What Happened to the Heels?” You giggled a little and said “I feel better in these”… ‘these’ were a pair of pink converse that, to your surprise, looked good with the dress. “You look great in them" 

Taeil extended his elbow "Shall we go?” you grabbed his elbow “Yes, we shall" 


Inspired by the that last Anon~ It was too funny. 

Did ya Like?!


It was a beautiful Sunday morning. You and Zico go up early because you were gonna go House Hunting since you guys were tired of living together in the Block-B dorm with the other boys. You needed your privacy, and let’s face it, it’s annoying to have the boys always asking or commenting inappropriate stuff. 

Three hours already passes and nothing. You just couldn’t find THE House. “Baby, relax, we got all day” Zico said while rubbing your shoulders reassuringly. You guys kept looking for an hour more. You felt frustrated because you really wanted a house for you two, finally you said “Zico, I can’t. Let’s just go home”. “Ok babe, let’s go" 

On your way back to the Realtor office you spotted a house that caught your attention. "Please Stop!” you yelled all of a sudden. “What’s Wrong babe?” Zico said. “I think I found it” you get out of the car and run towards the little house, it was perfect. Not too big nor too little, it was that… Perfect! 

You turn to Zico to tell him and you saw Zico close behind you with a little red box “Babe, Do you like the House?”, you’re still looking at him suspiciously “Yes I Do, but what’s that?” you pointed to the little red box. He comes close to you and hands you the box “Look for Yourself” you open the box and you take out a pair of keys. You stand there analyzing what they could be for until it hits you “On My, Are These the H-” “Yes Babe, I came here last week and I saw this house. I saw myself living in it with you. I tough you would love it too so… I bought it.” He then lifts you chin with his index finger and lightly gives you a peck “Welcome Home" 

Then Zico turned to the Realtor and gave him a thumbs up. The Realtor then said "Welcome to Your Home (y/n)” All you could do was start crying… this is the beginning of your life with Zico.  


Requested By ANON

It’s my first long imagine, so please feel free to drop your Critics, They’re much appreciated~ 

P.O on Wedding Night PART 2 (WARNING: SMUT)

He smiled and turned you to bring you into a kiss. It started slow and sweet but the expectation was killing you both and the heat between you two spiked as did the kiss. His soft tongue gently proded your lips for entrance. When you let him in, he gently explored before entangling with yours. You held in a moan and gripped his dress shirt and the back of his head to pull him closer to you.

The kiss became heated quickly, you fighting for dominance. He grunted at your need and let you win the kiss, but his hands went on their own mission. They traveled to your back and started undoing the back of your dress carefully.

When he pulled away for air he started pulling the dress down, moving with it to kiss the revealed skin downward. When the dress did hit the ground he directed you to step out of it, kissing your thighs hotly.

You did as he said but stopped his hands wandering up. “Uh uh Jihoon, you need to lose that suit first.”

He chuckled and stood up, quickly stripping from the suit jacket. Before he could undo a button you stopped him again, “Wait! I want to.” He smiled and laughed again, “As you wish, princess.”
He watched you undo each button, and reveal his pale, flawless skin underneath. You brushed your fingers against his nipples and he groaned, taking your hand in his, “Don’t tease princess, that’s my job.” You smiled and continued to take of his shirt. When it was finally off, you reached for his belt but again he stopped you.

Before you could protest he picked you up bridal style and moved you to lay on the bed, with him hovering over you.
He kissed you again as his hands glided over yoir stomach to caress the swell of your breasts. You tried to take over the kiss again but he stayed in control, keeping it slow and working you out of your bra. “Let me take care of you princess.” He murmured on your lips, gently tugging your lower lip, “Let me explore you fully tonight.”

You relaxed and let him do as he pleased. He took time exploring your body: gently kneading your newly freed breasts before suckling them with care, to caressing your inner thighs as he passionately kissed your lower lips.
He would drive you to your high point just to pull away and tease you with his mouth or fingers elsewhere. You enjoyed it immensely but you could tell he was starting to reach his limit.

“Jihoon,” you tugged lightly on his hair, “Please Jihoon, make love to me.” You pleaded him.
He nodded and hovered over you again, aligning himself to your entrance. You reached down and held your hand over his, guiding him in.

You moaned his name as he slowly stretched your walls. He pulled himself out a little before moving back inside. You gripped his back and rocked your hips forward slowly to take in more of his hard length. He moved his hips slowly, his length caressing your inner walls. “I love you…so much.” He kissed you again. You responded back, the end of your words going up in pitch as he gave a short, quick thrust upwards.

He kept it slow with a few quick thrusts for as long as he could, kissing you deeply as to draw it out. But his body’s need became to much and his thrusts sped up gradually until you were a moaning mess under him.
You practically chanted his name as the knot in your stomach tightened signalling how close you were. When you managed to let him know he angled his hips and thrust more upwards. When he hit the spot he was aiming for you screamed his name as you started to climax.

He let out a raspy moan as he released not long after you and as to not crush you he rolled to the side and worked to breathe normally.
You snuggled into his side and brushed the hair from his sweaty brow, kissing his chest and neck.

“Thank you Jihoon…that was amazing.” You whispered almost shyly. He held you to him, “And just think, we have the rest of our lives to have more amazing moments like this.” He smirked and chuckled at your weak glare. “I love you princess, good night.”
You snuggled into him and whispered a good night as the need for sleep signaled an end to the amazing day
“Good night Jihoon, our new life together starts tomorrow….I love you.” Your sentiment was greeted with a light snore.
You snickered at your new husband. Even if he did fall asleep, you knew he had heard you and that he was just as excited as you were.

Oh the end was so cheesy! >=<

Anyway, I hope you guys liked it, especially the anon who made the request. This is the first time I’ve ever let someone else read my smut lol, I hope it wasn’t too bad and I get some more requests (and I don’t just do scenarios,  asks are most welcome) :)

I will be posting the first part of my other scenario sometime tomorrow. My friend (also a big thanks to her for her help)  suggested this angst story for me to write, it’s called: “A Spoon Full of Suga Helps the Medicine Go Down” starring none other than Suga from BTS =]