Alright so if you’ve been following me for ANY amount of time you probably saw this coming but here it is anyway





( @tachipaws​, @20053​ and all my other fellow IR/ML enthusiasts, this is for you) 

Alright, here go some headcanons: 

  • Kuchiki Rukia is the picture-perfect grade-a student, heir to the prestigious Kuchiki business empire
  • Her older brother Byakuya is a cold, controlling asshole (there’s love for his adoptive sister buried somewhere deep down, but like in canon, it takes a near-death experience to bring it out)
  • Kurosaki Ichigo is pretty much exactly the same as he is in canon Bleach - secretly just a massive dork, but is shunned and called a delinquent because he picks fights and has orange hair and scowls a lot 
  • When Rukia becomes Chat Noir, her sarcastic, mischievous side comes out and she really enjoys riling Ladybug up 
  • Also she makes all these atrocious bunny drawings (Ladybug: ‘why bunnies?! you’re a CAT!’ Chat Noir: ‘Don’t question the bunnies, Ladybug!’) for, like, EVERYTHING 
  • Now, in this AU it’s Ladybug that has a massive crush on Chat Noir 
  • Rukia meanwhile is crushing on civilian!Ichigo
  • So, Ladybug, massive crush, Chat Noir. But unlike canon ML, Chat Noir doesn’t know Ladybug has a crush on her so she spends all her time winding him up and he spends all of his time getting increasingly flustered. But hey at least he gets superpowers. And because he’s Kurosaki Ichigo he’s ridiculously strong when he becomes Ladybug.
  • Ladybug fell for Chat Noir after a few months together when they suffered their first loss and Chat Noir slapped him out of his depression and got him on his feet again
  • Rukia falls for Ichigo when he fights her asshole of a brother for being so damn cold to her 
  • (so… like… basically canon Bleach)
  • Anyway, so they’re Ladybug and Chat Noir, defenders of Karakura Town, fighting against an unseen enemy known only as ‘Hawkmoth’ who seems to have an affinity for butterflies and is adept at manipulating people into doing what he wants them to do
  • (is that sounding familiar)
  • everyone thinks Ichimaru Gin, the really really fucking shady chemistry teacher, is Hawkmoth
  • But lmao psych it’s actually Aizen, the really cool and popular drama teacher. who could have possibly guessed. certainly not me
  • Also Ichigo tries really really fucking hard to hide his superhero identity to his family
  • But it’s no use, Karin figures it out within a week
  • and she tells Yuzu
  • and even his dad who seems like the most mundane civilian possible was actually the previous Chat Noir (Masaki was the previous Ladybug) 
  • So his entire family know his secret
  • but he doesn’t know they know
  • so it’s basically just Ichigo running around trying to hide shit from his family in increasingly amusing ways
  • I had more to add to this AU but wow look at the size of this post
  • I’m sorry you had to see this on your dash if you don’t care about Bleach or ML
  • but if you DO care about Bleach and ML