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Blaine had never, not once, expected one of his children to get into a fix like this. Especially Emma. She could be bull headed but she also had such a good head on her shoulders and she was so smart. How could she end up doing this to herself? This was one of Blaine’s biggest fears realized. He knew his kids would cause trouble, knew that they would have problems but Blaine had always hoped it wouldn’t be life-altering. And here it was, his sixteen year old daughter, pregnant. Blaine drove to Luc’s apartment when a foot of steel, going well over the speed limit and barely even stopping for red lights. By the time he got to the building he was so pumped on adrenaline he was able to run up the stairs to the apartment door. “EMMA, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE AND DOWN TO THE CAR.” Blaine started pounding on the door. “GET OUT HERE NOW!”


Tristan hadn’t rested like he’d promised. He was largely a promoter of the age old adage “do as I say, not as I do”. Throughout the remainder of the night, even after the Watcher’s Council had sent in reinforcements, Tristan had laid awake, researching. At first it had been purely for Antony’s sake, but then he’d gotten onto the subject of demon’s. He never would’ve proposed the idea to Blaine if he wasn’t one hundred percent sure it was something that they could accomplish together. But Tristan would need time to prepare, to gather certain things and get things ready for it, but he wanted time for Blaine to believe in himself again. If he was certain of nothing else, he was certain that everyone’s confidence was kicked to shit, including his own. And so Tristan had left the bedroom around five in the morning, one of the first to be out of his room in hours. And he rolled up his sleeves, and began to drag each of the bodies, one by one, to a room where they could be covered with white sheets from the school’s linen closets. He covered them, and as the early morning hours waned on, a few other people began to join him. Not many, but few. It was gruesome work, carrying mangled bodies with half missing faces or torn out abdomens over into the room to be covered. But Tristan did it. He took certain items off of them, necklaces, hair clips, shirts, and laid them on top of the sheets so the bodies could be identified without people needing to see the horror that laid beneath. And now it was after eight in the evening, and Tristan still hadn’t taken a break. Every square inch of his body ached and trembled with pain, and alternating between carrying bodies, researching, and talking to both Antony and Blaine, Tristan succumbed to fits of dry-heaving in private. Blaine’s coaxing was the only thing that encouraged him to go back toward their dorm, but as he sent his reply back to Blaine, his vision tunneled and he started to waver on his feet. Tristan sat back, telling himself he just needed a minute to collect his thoughts, but by the time his knees hit the ground, Tristan’s head was spinning and he set the phone aside to try and right himself. You’re okay…You’re okay. Suck it up, Anderson! Up! GET UP! 

A Final Klaine Medley
  • A Final Klaine Medley
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A final Kurt and Blaine medley, in honor of Glee’s conclusion.  

This show has given me so much and has given me the ability and courage to do.. well. Things like this. I owe it the world and beyond. This is for everyone who made it so special. 

Special thanks to Andrea, whose companion art to this improved the world by 1000%.

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I legit would date Blaine in a heartbeat. Disregarding looks (cause anyone who knows me knows I’ve never typically gone for ‘muscley jock guys’), Blaine is a sweetheart, and is super kind and is super good at his job and super passionate and like…??? Who wouldn’t want to date him???