Bring Him Home (Klaine one-shot)

Anonymous asked : Can you do a fic where Blaine is a part of the army and he is ‘missing in action’. After a year he surprises Kurt by appearing at the door. (Bonus if Kurt has moved on and Blaine has to get him back).

The kiss.

No, that kiss.

Kurt can still feel it on his lips, hard and lingering. It never goes away, that last kiss they had. The very last kiss before his husband left to fight for his country. Kurt can still feel it every time he wakes up, every time he falls asleep. Those lips, the ones he’d grown so accustom to, the ones he’d vowed to spend the rest of his life kissing, every single day.

When Blaine had told him that he was being deployed to Afghanistan, sheer terror had filled Kurt’s veins and he’d begged him not to go.

“It’s going to be 4 months Kurt. That’s it. Then I’ll be right back home”

Of course, Blaine had always been so optimistic, where as his fiancé had worried over and over their situation every single minute of every single day until he was ready to leave.

Amongst a sea of army greens, Kurt and Blaine had shared their teary goodbye’s, Kurt clinging so desperately to his love that his knuckles were white, his eyes red and raw.

“You come home to me Blaine Anderson, you come home to me” he’d managed to say through broken sobs as he was held in his fiancé’s strong arms. Blaine had smiled at him as tears raced down his cheeks. He’d pressed their foreheads together and held his love as close as he could.

“I’ll never say goodbye to you”

Kurt had laughed softly and they’d kissed, long and hard and desperate.

Kurt had stood, lips trembling as he watched Blaine wave to him until they were all gone, and he was alone.

All alone.

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“I’m going to pretend I’m happy to help here because they’d kick me

out of the Warblers again if I don’t.”

 “Plus Blaine would hate me again.”

“I’m going to fake it until I make it.”

“Everyone is looking up at Kurt but I still only have eyes for Blaine.”

“It’s all over and I can’t keep that stupid smile on my face any longer.  I just can’t.” 

"Boyfriend" Tag, a Blaine Gibson x Reader fic

Prompt: "hey! can I request a Blaine/Reader where blaine and reader are best friends, reader is also a vlogger and has to do the ‘I do my bf’s makeup’ tag, but since she’s single she uses Blaine. plot twist: blaine asks her out on camera so the title is actually accurate by the time it’s posted?“

Warnings: swears

Word Count: 1,376

Shooting something extra fun with @bgibbles tonight! Stay tuned for the video tomorrow night!

You send out the tweet and then grin evilly over at Blaine, who is looking more and more nervous with each passing second.

“Why do I feel like I’m going to regret agreeing to help you with this video?” He asks with hesitation.

“You love me too much to regret it!” You say with a laugh, grabbing him by the bicep and pulling him into your office. He mumbles something about that being true when you pull him in front of your camera set up and push his shoulders down so he drops into the desk chair.  He plays on his phone while you double check the camera’s settings.

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Last Shot of Glee …
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It never stops being funny to me.
All that sexual tension between Blaine and Sebastian is totally brilliant and it always makes me laugh.


Pairing: Blaine Gibson/Reader
Rating: T 
Word Count: 1,123

Notes: This took so long I’m  so sorry I’ve worked so many hours in the last few days. Also I suck at titles but I’m not really sorry idk

“So you remember the plan?”

You beam at Burnie through your fingers, which were folded together in front of your face in excitement. “Be ready to go when you pick me up in two hours, hide out in your office until I hear the code word on the podcast and then haul ass to the green screen, got it.” He pulls into the hotel parking lot and you both get out, Burnie unloading your suitcase from the trunk, “You know I cannot thank you enough for this. For everything! You’ve already done so much, and then you take time out of work to pick me up from the airport I just…thank you so much.”

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