Bioshock characters as shitty relatives that u try to avoid at thanksgiving
  • Andrew Ryan:insists on hosting every year even though his house is a wreck and everyone hates him,
  • Jasmine Jolene:Ryan's considerably more likable wife who makes a mean cranberry sauce and insists on saying grace
  • Jack Ryan:their son who is weirdly quiet eats all the fuckin Brussel sprouts and then goes upstairs to smoke weed
  • Atlas:jacks friend who deals him the weed, always starting political arguments with anything that has a pulse
  • Augustus Sinclair:the cool uncle, makes really good mashed potatoes
  • Eleanor Lamb:the even cooler cousin, everyone's kinda jealous about how smart she is but she's so nice it doesn't even matter
  • Delta:sinclair's husband and Eleanor's adoptive dad who doesn't talk much but has a big heart
  • Sofia Lamb:Eleanor's estranged birth mom who shows up occasionally to psychoanalyze everyone, usually they end up crying she's pretty accurate
  • Brigid Tenenbaum:the vodka aunt who gets shitfaced and tries to fight someone, usually sofia or Frank, sometimes both at once
  • Frank Fontaine:was told never to come to another thanksgiving after a particular incident involving fireworks one year but shows up anyway, noogies jack really hard on the head every ten minutes, screams really loud at the football game no matter what's actually happening in it
  • Sander Cohen:also constantly drunk, super pretentious and refers to himself in the third person as "the artist," the stuffing he made looks really good but everyone's kinda scared to actually eat it
  • Kyle Fitzpatrick:Sander's friend (?), shows up with him every year and looks miserable the whole time, really just wants to go home, someone help him
  • Grace Halloway:the super talented singer aunt, loves Eleanor like a daughter, her apple pie is heaven sent
  • Stanley Poole:probably like a third cousin twice removed or something, lies about everything constantly and always kinda smells like cheese, made lemon squares in an effort to be friendly but they're soggy as hell
  • Gil Alexander:super interesting but only a couple people try talking to him, stays sober and is secretly jealous of how much Brigid gets to fight Sofia
  • Julie Langford:super drunk, knows all about jacks weed stash but ain't no snitch, loves wildlife documentaries
  • J.S. Steinman:plastic surgeon uncle who tells people what kind of surgery they need over dinner and has been kicked out like twice

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