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Finally after ages of talking I have completed my life’s work. So without further ado…

The Trash™ Queen presents to you:
The Beauty and the Beast (2017) crack vid!

go ahead, laugh


Look at the villagers’ reactions.  As soon as Adam makes his appearance, everyone around him has this huge positive reaction.  They obviously recognize him, but why are they acting positively?  I mean, after thinking about it for a while, I conclude that they’re just caught up in the moment, or that since their prince isn’t all dressed up in fancy garb that he’s humbled himself somehow, or maybe they just recognize Belle.

But seriously, this is what’s running through my head: “Oh look, it’s that prince that heavily taxed us just so he could fill his castle with shiny things…yay!”

anonymous asked:

Hi Megan...i was wondering if i could ask for some advice if it's not too much trouble? I really really love reading/watching different adaptations of batb and I've wanted to take a shot at writing my own. But there's so many versions out there already that i feel daunted and too timid to even try. People say i should make it "different" enough to stand out but i don't want to stray too far from the original themes. Did you have any similar fears before beginning your own adaptation?

Hey Anon!

I definitely feel where you’re coming from! When I started BATB, I was really just reading/watching every version I could get my hands on (this was before high speed internet, so I mostly relied on interlibrary loans) and just synthesizing what beats were always present and how they differed.

I think the trick is to just slam out that first draft without a critical eye – just get your ideas down on paper, go off on wild tangents, write scenes out of order and don’t censor yourself. When that’s done, you’ll probably be surprised at what you came up with while you were just letting yourself write organically. Then, you can come back in with the hedge clippers and prune away the messy bits –the parts that don’t further the theme, or are too indulgent –and in your next pass you can begin to flesh it back out and make that leaner, tighter story shine.

My first draft(s) were too influenced by other versions, but I probably couldn’t have written them if I hadn’t been so in love with what other creators had done with the story. Every time I reworked what I had, my own voice came through a little louder, and I began to see the themes I wanted to explore more clearly. Through revising and editing, I began to lose the parts that were too similar to other takes and find the one that was my own. 

I’ve said it before, but I think if you speak honestly in your writing, the truth of it comes through. Emotional honesty resonates with people. They know when something is contrived. As long as the story you write is one only you could have written, you’ve achieved something. <3


Remember when this came out?  This was released 7 months ago.  Footage hasn’t even been out for a year and it feels like I’ve lived on this blog forever.  But anyway….this trailer here is the reason why I created this blog.  I mean, y’all know the story, but here it is if you want a retelling.

okay but like, I know that this is basic but like,,, the only reason I love stanley is literally juST THAT WHOLE SCENE WHERE HE GOT DRESSED IN DRAG AND HE WAS LIKE *DAZZLE SMILE FOR THE CAMERA* *WINK* *EXEUNT* AND JUST HES SO PURE.


morgaine2005  asked:

❝ I am a phoenix. burn me & I shall return, rising from the ashes. ❞ <-- You know the fandom. ;)

Stars burned bright for the first time in forever in a velveteen night sky above the castle, as though they too rejoiced in the return of the prince. Much revelry inside and outside of the castle had gone on for hours now, but who could blame the people for rejoicing that they were human again and were reunited with loved ones?

Even the prince, who remembered having once enjoyed such revelry and crowds, slipped away to a quieter hallway of the castle to give himself a few minutes alone with his own thoughts and peace.

Peculiar that I should wish for such peace and quiet, he mused as he leaned back against the cool brick wall of one of the balconies high above the ground, When once upon a time I would have sneered at the idea.

Had he matured in some way? Was this what happened when people grew up, shedding old ways and maturing into new ways? Wiser, he might be perhaps, but still unsure. Perhaps this was another journey he had to take, walk this new path of adulthood alongside Belle.

As he stared up at the twinkling stars coating the sky in glittering magic, he was sure he could hear music in the distance–Cadenza and his wife were still playing into the night it seemed. He admired how they never seemed to tire or slow down, voices and music still as true and strong as he remembered it to be.

“Care to enlighten me with your thoughts?”

He nearly jumped at the new voice, only to see it was Lumiere who had joined him on the balcony, leaning  back on the railings, legs crossed over each other. Even in the dim candle-light flowing from just inside the balcony door and the window, he could tell Lumiere was smiling at him.

The prince shrugged,”Just wanted to get away from the crowds.”

“Huh,” Lumiere commented, and he could almost imagine his quirked eyebrow, “Not like the prince I used to know.”

“Not like the prince I used to know either,” Adam agreed, now leaning back against the wall, folding his arms in a mirroring of Lumiere’s posture. “I guess you could say the years changed me.”

“Not just you,” Lumiere reminded him, “Everyone, and I don’t just mean…you know what I mean.”

Adam regarded him with a skeptical look, a teasing tone in his voice when he remarked, “I don’t know, Lumiere, you’re still just the same energetic, entertaining person as before. Although, I could have used more of your entertainment while under the curse.”

Lumiere raised his hands in a shrug, “You never asked.”

It was true, Adam reflected, but he had been too bitter and self-absorbed to even think about asking either. Nevertheless, even in those bitter dark days, there was still music in the castle, still singing, still dancing and much entertainment–not for him, but the other servants. All he had done was to try and ignore any merry-making if possible, choosing instead to stew in his own solitude.

“Least, you and the other servants made it,” the prince said, “Belle broke the curse in time to prevent you all turning inanimate forever.”

The silence that followed, somehow hesitant and somber, unsettled the prince. It wasn’t like Lumiere to leave silence to remain for so long, even if for a moment.


Lumiere straightened himself up, walking over to lean back against the wall next to the prince, busying himself with straightening the cuffs of his golden coat.

“There’s something you’re not telling me.”

It wasn’t a question or accusation from the prince, but the words of a friend to another whom they knew all too well. There was something heavy in Lumiere’s silence, an unspoken refutation of the prince’s own assumption they never turned inanimate. A chill crept down his spine, and he opened his mouth but found he couldn’t voice what he wished to ask. The idea of it so terrifying and heart-wrenching in his own thoughts, he couldn’t bring himself to voice it. Fortunately, he was saved this difficult question when Lumiere confirmed it in a few words.

“We did become inanimate, at least a little while. Fortunately,” Lumiere’s voice became noticably lighter, leaning back toward its more usual tones, “A certain young cherie was just in time.”


“Belle,” Lumiere agreed, now placing a firm, confident hand on the prince’s shoulder, “As for me, old friend, I am a phoenix. burn me and I shall return, rising from the ashes.”

Adam couldn’t help a jovial laugh at Lumiere’s dramatic words, and how much it sounded exactly like something he would do.

“Theatrical as usual,” he remarked with a free grin, “but sounds just like the Lumiere I know and love.”