Do you all see this face?

This is the face of an innocent man realizing once more just how little these small-minded people, some of whom he considered friends, truly care about him or his daughter. 

How easily they could be swayed by the town ‘hero’–the man he’d just rightly accused of trying to kill him–into seizing him and locking him away for being different  “crazy”.

This is when he feels that he’s failed Belle, who he promised to return to and save.

I saw a soulmate AU that was like “you have a tattoo of what your soulmate is most passionate about!” 

Which would mean that somewhere, in another timeline, Gaston and LeFou are going through the motions of life with identical tattoos of Gaston’s face. 

I was all happy in Tumblr when I decided to check the batb tag.

Guys. Listen. I understand if you don’t like a ship. I understand if you think your ship is the best and the other one is trash. I understand if you think all the people who ship it must read a bible or something. But
Keep it to yourself.

Don’t you see you’re only creating a bad ambient?

Where’s the need in trying to make us feel bad?

It really annoys me the fact that there’s an anti gafou tag. Seriously, grow up.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we just respected each other and everyone’s ships?

Belle/Adam Post-Curse Fluff

“Catch Me if You Can”
• belle and adam running around the castle gardens and playing hide and seek in the labyrinth‬
‪• belle’s a good hider but adam finally catches her from behind and puts his hand over her eyes‬
‪• “guess who” *belle makes ridiculous sarcastic guesses*‬
‪• adam lets go of his hands and belle turns over to hug him‬
‪• they release from the hug and belle runs away (again) “catch me if you can!!"‬
‪• adam is a faster runner so he quickly catches up with her pace and tackles her to the ground‬
‪• they look at each other and have a lil makeout session

• belle has been talking about building a school for as long as adam can remember
• “maybe one day, darling”
• but what belle doesnt know is adam’s been secretly planning and building this dream school of hers ever since she first brought it up
• belle wakes up one day to find her husband’s side of the bed empty
• adam only left a note that said to meet him outside of the castle
• belle is suspicious, but just laughs to herself and gets dressed to go be with him
• adam is nervous and afraid she might not like his surprise, thinking of all the worst possible scenarios
• he gives this whole speech about his upcoming surprise and asks her to close her eyes as he guides her way to the secret hes been keeping for a long time
• belle opened her eyes and was dumbfounded. she was speechless and adam mistook this as a sign of disappointment, so he started rambling on and on about how he tried his best to make her happy
• belle cuts him off by cupping her hands to his face and kisses him
• “so does that mean you like it?”
• “like it? i LOVE it? thank you so much adam” *hugs him so tight he could hear his bones crack*
• they kiss again and spent the rest of the morning making plans for the school

“I’m Pregnant”
• belle gets suspicious when she realizes she had been late for almost 3 weeks now
• she also wakes up one day with a sudden urge to throw up all over the floor
• belle notices a teeny tiny bump on her stomach while getting dressed one day and comes to the conclusion that she is pregnant
• she’s terrified. she doesnt know how she’ll tell adam, and she certainly doesnt want to know how he’ll react
• she knows its foolish of her to think that adam might be the slightest bit disappointed because of the way she sees him play with chip, but she still holds on to her doubts and worries
• when she finally gets around to telling adam, he gets so excited that he runs off to the library and reads every single book about pregnancy and children
• his excitement suddenly turns to fear as he remembers his cruel father and how he used to treat him
• he’s nervous about fatherhood and scared about the mere thought of holding a fragile, tiny baby
• he starts having a breakdown, but belle makes sure to keep giving him assurance that he would, in fact, be a wonderful father to their unborn baby and that he is not who his father is


butternut_gouache: And I finally finished one of the three bimbettes! It took a bit longer than I expected, but I think it was worth it! 

I don’t know if anyone has said this before, but the scene where the beast transforms, belle apparently doesn’t say “it is you” or something like that. Some people have commented on why they didn’t have this in the movie and I think it’s because you see the close up on his eyes and you see her instantly recognize those eyes and that’s it. She doesn’t need to say any anything else. She knows it’s him.