A Classic that deserves your love and attention

The law of attraction is real guys! During Bastilles first song I looked over to my friend and I told her I was gonna leave with a Bastille drumstick. I felt so sure of it and I didn’t even have to ask halfway through the show woody just gave me a heads up to catch it❤️❤️❤️



After seeing Bastille for the 8th time, I’ve finally met Dan. I can’t even contain my emotions but my face says it all. I look so dumb but I don’t care because it was the happiest moment of my life. Basically, I got tickets to see Bastille on Jame Corden and it never even came across my head that I would meet Dan there. Everyone was in the waiting area and then BAM! HE JUST APPEARED OUT OF NO WHERE. I literally freaked out when I saw him and I just ran up to him because I didn’t want to miss my chance again. The first thing I noticed when I went up to him was that HE WAS WEARING THE HAT I GOT FOR HIM. Seriously! out of all the days, he decides to wear it the day I meet him. I literally went up to him and said “Hi Dan” and when he replied the second thing I said to him was “ I just wanted to let you know that I’m actually the one that got you that hat that you’re currently wearing” and then he said “Oh Thank you!, I really love it, I wear it everyday”. I ALMOST DIED WHEN HE SAID THAT. When he was saying that, he was also playing with the hat, I SWEAR I COULD HAVE DIED AT THAT MOMENT. It literally felt like a dream. We were talking for a while and then one of his friend noticed I was wearing a WWCOMMS pin and he commented on it and then Dan also noticed it and complimented on it as well. I was literally the happiest girl at that moment. When we were done talking, I quickly asked him for a photo, however, there was a ramp and I was about to take the photo but then Dan said “hold on, I’ll come down”. I was shaking because Dan is seriously the nicest person ever! UGH. I was literally freaking out standing next to him. Anyways, later a few more people went up to him and ask for a photo but he had to leave. I was lucky because I was the first person to ask and take the photo with him. After he left, everyone was brought into the studio and I just enjoyed the show because I was already seeing them tomorrow in LA for their Wild,WiId World Tour, 

Let me just say I started waiting in line since 10:30 AM and I managed to be second row for their show! I had such a good view and it was literally the best show ever. It felt too surreal. It was also good to see all of my Bastille friends again.I felt like I was dreaming the whole time. I could hear it in Dan’s voice that he was a little sick but he still managed to pull off and entire set. Bastille never failed to impress me. They are the only band I’ve ever camped out for. I can’t even listen to their music right now because PCD is hitting me hard. I was really sad when the show ended but it was still one of the best night I’ve had. It was super hard to take a photo of everyone but I tried my best. Now it’s time for me to become a hermit crab again. There may be typos and grammar issues but I don’t even care at this point.