B.A.P openly talking trash about one another,telling the world they can see their fans’ lipstick-stained teeth at fansigns and which member’s underwear they’d most like to wear on live radio: “No fucks given here and no fucks given there”

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His Child is Kidnapped- Yongguk, Himchan, and Daehyun [Gang!AU]

Part of His child is kidnapped

Part I, Part II

Angst of course… I’ll tell you which ones WILL involve death of a kid. In this one, Yongguk’s is the only one, so if you don’t want to read something like that, skip his.


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❤️Reaction to their S/O wearing Something Slutty to Hang with Friends❤️


     I mean yeah Yongguk did mention he wouldn’t care if his girlfriend was wearing something revealing because she was his anyways. But I assume he mean’t like a crop top and shorts (For example). Anyways, if you were to go and hang with your friends wearing something like that, I think Yongguk would mind a bit because he would slightly think you were trying to impress people (Men). Although, he wouldn’t make you change your outfit he would just suggest you wore a jacket or something to cover yourself up a little bit. 


     Himchan never really mentioned how he would feel about his girlfriend wearing revealing clothes (Or did he?), but these are just my assumptions. I think Himchan would probably make you change unlike Yongguk who would make you cover up a little bit. Himchan would make you change because he knows how men are out there, and it would tempt the men even more since you have a nice body. 


     Daehyun would be the same as the others, he wouldn’t like the idea. Except if you wanted to go with your friends wearing something slutty he would want to go with you just in case something happens.


     Youngjae to me would probably be the same as Yongguk. If you were to go and hang out with your friends wearing something slutty he would suggest you wear something over it to cover up a bit. Then if you were to confront him about it he would probably make an excuse like  “What if you get cold?” though in the back of his mind he wished you never picked out that outfit. JUST BURN IT!


     Jongup would probably mind a bit if you were to go and wear something like that. Although he wouldn’t really say anything about it because it is your body and you should be free to put clothes you want on it.


     I think Zelo would probably be a mix of Yongguk and Jongup. At first when he saw you heading towards the door like that he would hold back what he wanted to saw about this, but then after he couldn’t hold back anymore he would politely ask you to wear something to cover you up a bit.

Yoo Youngjae as your boyfriend

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  • There is a big difference between the Youngjae the media sees and the private person Youngjae 
  • yes, he teases a lot and you are no exception but he also has a really cute and soft side
  • the type to steal kisses 
  • reading books together 
  • sharing the hobby photography 
    • even if you aren’t interested in it at all you have to look at his pictures or be his model
  • you often catch him staring at you and afterwards he pretends he wasn’t staring
  • can’t accept you calling him cute
  • however he fails himself when he does aegyo 
  • the small things matter to him more than the big gestures
    • wants to show how much he loves you through the small things in daily life
    • prefers smaller and quiet dates instead of these expensive extravagant ones
  • he isn’t really vocal about his feelings so when he says ‘I love you’ you know he means it from the bottom of his heart
  • because of you he gets the motivation to write his own songs
    • most of the time they are about you 
  • doesn’t even bother to make his hair because he knows how much you love his fluffy hair
  • a lot of tickles during cuddling time and kisses you as apology afterwards
  • also you have your personal movie critic
  • steals your food only to feed you his
  • clothes…
    • you often steal his shirts or sweaters
    • he teases you about it
    • however when you want to take it off he tries his best to persuade you to keep it on
  • movie dates
  • long walks in the park
    • where you talk about getting a puppy together 
  • washes your car because he is an gentleman 
  • actually great for grocery shopping ?? 
  • randomly starts singing for you
  • sends you random memes, jokes or pictures of the members to make you laugh
  • has so many nicknames for you
    • some are sweet, some are just embarrassing 
  • laughs with his whole body what means he can hit you out of accident 
  • immediately apologizes after 
  • he has like a lot of energy
  • really competitive, especially when it comes to online games
  • extreme arguments happen rarely
  • the most of your arguments are funny and based on jokes
  • him fighting with Daehyun and you have to decide who wins or has the better arguments 
  • pouty when you say Daehyun won
  • no jealousy like at all
  • Overall: Youngjae is way more then only sassy. Actually he is really soft and so would your relationship be. It would more feel like between childhood friends. He simply wants to spend his time with you and enjoy it.