B.A.P As Your Deskmate
  • Yongguk:Barely talks, but is always willing to help you or lend you pens whenever you ask for it. (And he always gives you a kind smile when he sees you every morning)
  • Himchan:Chatty and talks about the teachers that you guys don't like. Nearly causes you to have detention because you guys are like two peas in a pod and making the whole class crack up with your witty comments.
  • Daehyun:Also extremely chatty but he's not too good with his studies and he always ends up asking you what to do and you somehow get annoyed because sometimes the things he asks just make you wanna smack his face with a thick book but you still help him anyways because he shares his food with you in class (its a miracle but he's kind like that).
  • Youngjae:Willingly teaches you anything you're unsure of, but rather impatient when you don't get it the first few times he explains it to you. Very hardworking and seldom talks to you about anything not regarding homework because he strives to be the best student, yet he isn't snobby or selfish.
  • Jongup:Can be very attentive or totally not caring about what the teacher says. It really depends on whether he likes the teacher or not. He wears a happy smile on his face and is willing to share his book with you if you ever forget to bring it. He's kinda quiet in class but he randomly gives you little pieces of papers in his scribbly handwriting and complimenting you.
  • Zelo:Lives to make the mean teacher's life difficult and always poses a ton of ridiculously difficult-to-answer questions to the teacher and watching her stutter. He likes to tease you endlessly whenever you guys get paired up for projects because he's playful like that. But surprisingly always does well for the projects because he's intelligent.


Honestly, there are so many kpop idols I admire. Whenever I feel like I’m having a hard time I remember their ridicules tight schedules, the rough time before debuting when they still didn’t know if they’d make it, their late night and early morning practices, the constant pressure from companies and fans and all the hate they receive despite all their hard work.

To me, that is inspiring and it makes me keep fighting for my dreams and believe in myself. Thank you.

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List 10 biases (random but loved) BUT all must be from a different band/artist~So for example, more biases per group? too bad, only one.

Super Junior - I don’t follow them but since Henry is in there I say HENRY

Big Bang - SEUNGRI The dork above all dorkers(?) ahah

SHINee - None

VIXX - Hongbin - To be honest at first I was totally in love with his long hair, I really love that kind of hair on a male, so I start looking after him.
Then, when I start recognize their voice I really but really fall for him..Late when I heard his first solo stage in Malaysia I almost cry…

BTS - Rap Mon

iKon - Don’t follow them.

CNBLUE - Don’t follow them

GOT7 - Uhm.. It’s hard because my bias here are Jb & Jr (since i was in love with JJ Projects…) But well.. I have to say JB

B1A4 - Baro

EXO - It use to be Luhan but since he left and since I lost my interest i exo I don’t have one lol

B.A.P. - YONGGUK my sweat heart gummy smile ;;

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Hello everyone! My dashboard is looking pretty bland and needs some color, plus I made this account recently so there are a lot of things to see and reblog. I’m mostly looking for k-pop based blogs. If you post any of these listed below, please like this post, or reblog so other people can be reached out and possibly gain a new follower! ^^

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even if you do not post any of these above but still post good quality posts, i’ll check your blog out! thank you! :D 


B.A.P Daehyun wallpapers requested by anon

(1st one non-edited cr  jalmotaesseo-scans)

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