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B.A.P Jongup 'Best Laid Plans'

Anonymous asked: How about a drabble extension around cooking with Jongup?

A/N: Thanks for the request Anonie, I hope you like it. ^^

This is a drabble extension of a reaction I did here.

Your boyfriend was so cute. You two were having a lazy day in and you mentioned wanting to bake something sweet. He seemed eager to help, pulling his long bangs back into a top knot and listening carefully to your instructions. Currently he was a few feet away stirring some ingredients together. You knew you shouldn’t do this, you totally shouldn’t. But. There was this swelling of affection for him when he was trying so hard and being so damn cute. So you could really say it was his fault.

Taking the few steps you needed to approach him you called over his shoulder. “Jongup.”

Obediently he turned his head toward you and was rewarded with a face full of flour. He froze for a second in shock and then shook his head to rid the excess flour. Looking at you through flour crusted lashes he saw you biting your lip in a futile attempt to keep from laughing.

Calmly he turned and set his bowl down and then with a roar tried to grab you around the waist. You yelped and dodged, circling around your kitchen island to get some distance. Chuckling you two sized each other up for a moment until you decided to break the stalemate by tossing a strawberry at his forehead. You admired the arc of the berry as it bounced off.

Shaking his head at your audacity Jongup faked you out by acting like he was reaching for the flour when he snatched up the chocolate sauce and squirted you in the face. You gasped and reached for flour, sugar, anything you could get your hands on and just started throwing fistfuls. He returned with volleys of eggs tossed in your direction. Running from the eggs you grabbed the bowl of wet ingredients he had been stirring and reached in for a sticky glob. Jongup caught up to you then and turned you with his hand on your hip. Simultaneously he sprayed whipped cream in your face and you smeared your glob in his.

The two of you stared at each other and how ridiculous you looked then howled with laughter. Finally you wheezed out, “So is it a draw?”

Unexpectedly Jongup swept your feet out from under you and brought you gently down to the kitchen floor. With you under him he licked a long stripe of cream off your neck. “Nope. I win.” You rolled your eyes at how smug your boyfriend sounded as he resumed licking your neck. He was making yummy noises and you wondered if this might get even more fun until he stopped and spit something out.


That set you two off again and Uppie buried his head in the filthy crook of your neck as you both carried on until you were panting and your sides hurt. Lying on your back you felt the warmth and weight of your happy boyfriend on top of you as you took in your ruined kitchen.

Totally worth it.

My woman.

Yongguk - B.A.P 


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She made me feel weak.
Like I was a young little boy.

Her hips moving from side to side as she walked, her hair whiping against her back, one leg infront of the other.

She walked past me.
The sweet smell of her hitting me.

I couldn’t for one second believe this woman was mine.
She was free-spirited, passionate, confident.

How could she love me?
I’d rather leave that question unanswered to be honest.

I walked up to her, wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her close. 

I tilted my head to side, aiming for her neck, leaving gentle kisses, the type of kiss I knew drove her crazy. 

She placed her hands on the sides of my face. Making my heartbeat speed up. Standing on her toes, she brushed her lips against mine. I loved it when she took control. 

She slipped the leather jacket I was wearing off of my shoulders. 

I rested my hands on her hips as she explored my mouth. 

She pulled away and pushed her hands against my chest, making me fall onto the bed. I sat up, my hands supporting the weight of my upper body. 

She climbed on top of me, straddeling my hips. She was wild. Like fire. 

She pulled a hand through her hair, knowing I loved it whenever she did. One of those little things. 

She grabbed the hem of my T-shirt and pulled it off, leaving my skin exposed to her touch. 

She placed her hands on my shoulders, pushing me down, hovering above me. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she wasn’t planning on going easy on me. 

She sat above my waist, slowly pulling her dress over her head. Driving me crazy. She knew how to, dangerously well. 

She placed her hands on my chest, pushing herself back down to my thighs. She unbuckled my belt, her teeth biting her bottom lip. She pulled it all off. 

She flipped her hair, her hands making their way to her back. Unclasping her bra and letting it slide down her before she tossed it to the floor. 

 I admired her. Her beautiful body. Her beautiful mind. 

She stood over me on her knees, sliding off the final piece of clothing between us. 

She leaned down and kissed my chest. My heart beating fast. 

She was sitting above my hips. Her hand guiding me, before she lowered herself so she was sitting on my hips, letting me enter her inch for inch. 

She closed her eyes, placing her hands on my abdomen to help her push herself up and down. 

She was taking it slow. Torturing me, knowing exactly what she was doing to me. 

She smiled at the sound of me letting out a moan of desperation. She had gotten what she wanted. 

She placed her hands and either side of my torso, increasing her pace. 

I moved my legs under her, making her squirm in discomfort. 

She took me to the edge, sliding all the way down, staying down. Her muscles clenching around me as I filled her up. 

She pushed herself off, laying down beside me, finally letting me wrap my arms around her. 

My love, my babe, my woman.