this is the monologue of youth 


Suuure. Let’s see how it goes lol


Yongguk: takes care of kids and is responsible

Himchan: ♪ The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the water spout ♪

Daehyun: He drank all the milk!

Youngjae: It’s nap time! Do you want me to sing a lullaby for you? Of course you do!

Jongup: That’s my daughter! She has inherited my dancing skills!

Zelo: Let’s draw mommy a card for her birthday!


Ah! I failed! But yours is amazing, son!


“Since B.A.P was created, ‘music’ was always the center for us, so we want to become a group that shows constant effort and growth musically. That’s why we plan to not stop in the future with various musical trials and challenges. I want to show that we’re a group with infinite possibilities that are able to do those various musical styles. I want to grow as true musicians that aren’t limited by genres or borders, and advance worldwide with ‘our own music’ that we wish to do. I believe that’s the ultimate goal as B.A.P.” — Youngjae (x)