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your mileage may vary but i don’t really expect hockey bros to be paragons of sensitivity. my friends aren’t hockey bros by a long shot, but they take crazy bets on my dating life constantly. if i had been sneaking in and out all semester and also conveniently suddenly an oracle of knowledge on Providence, then i can guarantee you there would be some bets being taken about who exactly i’m snuggling up with. your life isn’t off-limits just because of your sexuality when it comes to gossip and bets.

also….coming out for the first time ever is A LOT different than revealing who you’ve been secretly dating all semester. LIKE SO MUCH DIFFERENT. yes, bitty is anxious about it, but not in a “they’re gonna beat me up” kind of way, in a “omg i can’t believe we’re telling people this big, important secret and putting jack’s career on the line like this” kind of way and that is a really big difference. there’s never a question that smh is going to support them, jesus christ. of course they will. probably loudly and enthusiastically.  it’s always been a question of will they keep their damn mouths shut about it.

ETA: I’ve noticed this is a debate that seems to be on the age schism with older people (like me) saying that it seems pretty natural and expected, while younger people are uncomfortable with it. I just wanted to say that it’s okay if you’re uncomfortable and it’s okay if it made you anxious - most people are getting prickly not because you’re uncomfortable but because one or two people accused those taking it well of being straight and it was very inappropriate.

decoded (707 x reader, part I)

rating: 13+ (au, later chapters will have spoilers for 707′s route)

notes: so here’s the damn hacker au i keep mentioning. ahaha, it’s like, kind of au-ish? but also. hm. anyway, i’m super excited for future parts because there is a love triangle~ those who i’ve spoke to about it, for the most part know the people involved, which is why i’m excited~ i proof read a little but, also kinda tired. also shout-out to @sakurucha for looking over and making sure Seven is okay since I’m a little unsure of him in this setting. anyway, i hope you guys enjoy as usual. x3

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yall getting your fancy fuckin Ye Olde Verbiage wrong i swear to god like ok


-st ending: second-person singular.  “dost thou yet live?” = “you still alive?”

-th ending: third-person singular. “doth he yet live?” = “he still alive?”

both the second- and third-person plural use the “normal” verb endings we use today: “do we yet live?” = “we still alive?”  “do ye yet live?” = “y’all still alive?”


thy: second-person possessive, adjective form.  compare to my, your, her/their.  “is that thy horse?” = “that your horse?”

thine: second-person possessive, pronoun form.  compare to mine, yours, hers/theirs.  “’tis not thine?” = “it’s not yours?”


thou: second-person singular, SUBJECTIVE form.  “thou lovest me” = “you love me.”  “thou art full of shit” or, if we wanna get fancy, “th’art full of shit” = “you’re full of shit.”  compare to i, he/she/they.

thee: second-person singular, OBJECTIVE form.  “i love thee” = “i love you.”  “i bite my thumb at thee” = “fuck you.”  compare to me, him/her/them.


I just want someone who is proud of me and my accomplishments not put me down or try to one up me. Someone who laughs at comments under my pics because they know that I’m all theirs, not ask me who they are from or how do I know them. Someone who smiles when I post a new pic, not ask why or accuse me for only wanting attention.
—  late night thoughts

Io non capisco perché nei film le donne che escono da una sessione di shopping sono sorridenti, elegantissime, piene di sacchetti e di gioia.
Io sono solo piena di sacchetti, che mi chiedo disperata dove abbiamo parcheggiato la macchina, che non vedo l'ora di essere a casa per riprendermi.
Neanche fossi uscita da una lotta per la sopravvivenza.