*Please don’t delete text or it won’t count for you*

Helloooo!! Anna and I have decided to make a tumblr awards together so yeah!!! Here it goes :) 


  • Mbf illudings & florxlist  (we will check) 
  • Reblog this post (likes will only count as bookmark) 


  • best url 
  • best icon
  • best theme
  • best posts
  • best playlist
  • best overall  
  • best not our blog style 


  • A follow from both of us 
  • You will be featured on both of our blogs
  • Promo you (if asked)

More info:

  • We’ll be choosing once we feel like this post has a good amount of notes
  • We’ll choose two blogs for each of the first four categories.
  • Reblog this post more than once if you want to be noticed more
  • If you have any more questions feel free to message either of us
  • Banner was made by me!! but the pic was taken from tumblr

Andddd that is all x

*@people who delete text: why???*

Hi guys! I had heaps of fun doing my July Tumblr Awards so I thought I’d do another, bigger one! yay


- be following me pls

- reblog this, likes don’t count duh 

- all blog styles can enter


- your link on my blog for all of September 

- promos when you wish (max 2 per week)


- Best URL x 2 

- Best theme x 5

- Best posts x 3

- Best extras (hover tabs, cool effects etc.) x 1

- Fave icon x 2

- Best banner x 1 

- Best overall 

You have until the 31st of August to reblog, winners announced 1st September 

🌼 Flowurine’s (first ever) Tumblr Awards!!

Wee, I reached 3k last time so to thank you guys, I decided to put up a mini tumblr awards yay 🌿

🌱 R U L E S 🌱

1. Must be following me (flowurine here xx)
2. I will be choosing when this have decent amount of notes.
3. Must reblog as much as you want (more reblog = bigger chances), likes are for bookmarks only!!

4. I’ll be picking two or more each category (depending on # of notes hihi)

🌱 A W A R D S 🌱

🐥 Best URL
🌙 Best Theme
⭐️ Best Icon
Best Posts
🌝 Best Uploads
🌜 Best Not My Blogstyle
🌼 Best Mobile Theme
🌻 Best Overall
🐯 Prim’s Personal Favorite

s (Gold, Silver, and Bronze)

🌱 P R I Z E S 🌱
- Follow from me (if I haven’t yet).
Winners will be promoted to over 3k+ (OMG!!) dash :)

- Self promote in my ask once a day for a week!
- Loads of queue from your blog (esp that I’m busy these days). 🐝
- Reblogs + Likes on your personal posts, just tag #heyflowurine
- My three personal faves will get any promo they ask for ☺️
- This post must reach a decent amount of notes or I’ll pretend it never existed haha.

Please join so I wont friggin look like a fish thanks everyone, happy reblogging!! 🐽

Mini Awards 💫🎉

I’m reeaally close to my next k so here is something for all of you lovely people

Rules : mbf flavores // reblog this post as many times as you want

Categories :

  • best url 
  • best icon
  • best theme
  • best posts
  • best not-my-style
  • best overall
  • new discoveries (maybe, maybe not)

Prizes :

  • showcased here!
  • promos whenever for a month
  • my eternal love and friendship + help in everything

I’ll be choosing around 2-5 blogs per category when this gets 150+ notes :))

To celebrate my first year on this dreaded site, I thought I would do my own personal Tumblr Awards for my followers!


  • must be following this account
  • reblog this post to enter (likes do not count)
  • this post must get 20 notes or else this never happened
  • the entry period will end on August 21st
  • winners and runners up will be posted on August 22nd
  • there will be one winner and two runners up for each category


  • Aang Award: Best Url
  • Katara Award: Best Icon
  • Sokka Award: Best Mobile Theme
  • Toph Award: Best Desktop Theme
  • Suki Award: Best Posts
  • Zuko Award: Best Color Scheme
  • Korra Award: Best Avatar Blog
  • Mako Award: Best Multi-Fandom Blog
  • Asami Award: Best Tags
  • Bolin Award: Nicest Blogger
  • Avatar Award: Best Overall


  • a follow from me if not already
  • unlimited promos whenever you want 
  • 6 icons of whatever you want for your own personal use
  • your url on a new tumblr awards page on my blog
  • a friend!!!


  • a follow from me if not already
  • one promo whenever you want 
  • an icon of whatever you want for your own personal use
  • a friend!!! 

message me with any questions!


The moment you’ve all been waiting for–the winners of the 2nd Semi Annual PTXawards! Congratulations to the winners, nominees, and all the Pentatonix blogs that make this fandom amazing :) also, VERY SPECIAL thanks to timeforourweeklyobsessions and mintygravitii for organizing this!

This fandom has grown so so much in these last few months! We distribute these 42 awards with happiness and excitement! So, without further ado totaling 1,743 votes-

You chose, You voted, You win! Here are your winners! (as of 7 P.M. EST August 23)

Best Alternate Universe Fan-fiction (93 Votes)
Awarded to “Temptation” by sold-my-soul-to-the-internet
Runner Up is “The Marble and Balckstar Series” by karebearstare 

Best One Shot (49 Votes)
Awarded to “Chemistry” in Scomiche: One Shots ® by timeforourweeklyobsessions
Runner Up is “California King Bed” in Th*rsty by evekatalbas

Best Overall Fanfic (198 votes)
Awarded to “Perfect” by saucy-grassi
Runner Up is tied between
               “Team Single” by kevin-k-o-olusola &
               “Amnesia” by lubdubology

Most Helpful/Nicest Writer (57 votes)
Awarded to scomichemovingon
Runner-Up is sold-my-soul-to-the-internet

Best Gifs (99 votes)
Awarded to tis-superfruit
Runner-Up is emoriotfreak13

Best Edits (62 votes)
Awarded to scomichefruitfly
Runner Up is scxmiche

Best Fan Videos (69 votes)
Awarded to scomichefruitfly
Runner up is saucy-grassi

Best Artwork/Fanart (86 votes)
Awarded to pentacomics
Runner-Up is bigblueberrybear

Best Media Maker Overall (61 votes)
Awarded to mitchatonix
Runner Up is scomichefruitfly

Friendliest/ Most Encouraging Blogger (167 votes)
Awarded to pentaholic01
Runner Up is timeforourweeklyobsessions

Most Helpful Blogger (52 votes)
Awarded to professional-fangirl-since1995
Runner Up Is mitchoutai

Most Knowledgeable Blogger (84 votes)
Awarded to kevin-k-o-olusola
Runner Up is professional-fangirl-since1995

Best New Blogger (84 votes)
Awarded to tis-superfruit
Runner Up is tied between
                 yesgorlt &

Fandom Mom/Dad (124 votes)
Awarded to kevin-k-o-olusola
Runner Up is onairjake

Best URL (96 votes)
Awarded to mitchbettahavemymoney
Runner Up is yesgorlt

Best Blog (128 votes)
Awarded to its-sup3rfruit
Runner Up is fashionofptx

Most Likely Ask to Get Face Signed (15 votes)
Awarded to ptx-trash
Runner Up is @im-not-brianna

Most Likely to Kill You with FanFiction (35 votes)
Awarded to superfruitfttronnor
Runner Up is tied between
                 nailovesmavi &

Most Likely to Meltdown/Pass Out at Concert (29 votes)
Awarded to crackedrosegold
Runner Up is nailovesmavi

Has a Gif for Everything (76 votes)
Awarded to tis-superfruit
Runner Up is tied between
                 emoriotfreak13 &

Has a Link for Everything (70 votes)
Awarded to fashionofptx
Runner Up is @pentagrassi



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Monday we sent out 56 messages to you all and told you to write your acceptance speeches! Remember to tag those


and tag us at


to give your acceptance speech in the form of a text post. We will repost ALL. LETS Celebrate!

Thank you all for a great awards season!