just cause i figured this would be fun


  • mbf me (bridle-less)
  • must reblog this


  • best theme
  • best english blog
  • best western blog
  • most improved horse/rider pair (you obviously have to have a significant amount of photos of you and your horses to win)
  • best personal posts
  • best photography
  • best advice
  • best personal photos (again, only eligible if you post a decent amount of your own photos)
  • best  mixed blog (every discipline)
  • most interesting blogger (based off of your posts/what you do/disciplines/what you talk about etc etc)
  • most active poster

some awards may be taken out depending on how many notes this gets…

note that this is all based on my opinion so you will be the best blog to someone either way, this is just for fun.

winners will get their blog links posted on a page on my blog, which gets an average of 500 views daily. 

Ends after this exceeds 100 notes (and when I’m online, I’ll post whe I’m judging) or tomorrow evening (January 3rd)