Okay so when I first watched the episode I was confused because I guess I thought the whole wedding was in the Southern Water Tribe and was really confused when I saw the Republic City Spirit Portal. So afterwards I was like “Why did I think they were at the South Pole?” And upon rewatch I realized


and two dudes throwing fake snow

  • My husband: What if the next incarnation of the Avatar is a set of identical twins. Where the soul is meant to inhabit one person but splits because it entered the monozygotic twins before the zygote split? And they each can bend two elements?
  • Me: Yeah. And what if everyone puts more stock into one because they can bend both air and earth (the two opposites with one being what the next incarnation was supposed to be)? And what if they felt like a failure because no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't bend water and fire...but then one day their water-bending twin sneezes and fire shoots out?

What I love about lok and korrasami is that like…there’s two girls that both dated the same guy, and in a typical show they would’ve made korra and asami rivals and ended it with one of them being with mako and one of them being cast aside and portrayed as a “crazy bitch”. But instead of doing that sexist bullshit they made them really great friends and eventually a fucking couple