In drafts of the script, Ren always removed his mask to show his face to Rey. The only difference was what he did with the helmet once it was off. (We can all relate to that awkard interrogation situation: Where do you place your terrifying black visor after revealing the unexpected humanity beneath?)

EW article on Ren’s ashes

Always….being the key word. Unmasking was always heavily symbolic, relating to Rey. 

Undertale Headcanon (Creepypasta)

Undertale is a game where all the monsters lives in the underground, under a mountain. There is no weather underground, so what about the snow in Snowdin ? My guess is that it’s not snow but ashes of dead monsters, because snowdin was a place where a great civil war took place. 
Remember the snowman ? What if it was an “asheman”, reminiscence of dead people stuck in Snowdin who would like to see the world ? You’ve carried a piece of ashes of dead people all around the underground in your pocket… and you ate it.


Sooo my urban camo is proving to be a super slow grower because she’s an incredibly shy-picky eater. Not thin, but not real hefty like you want breeding females to be. So I’ve been looking into picking up a couple side projects to play with while I wait on her.

And these two are one of those projects! Girl on the left, boy on the right. We’ll play Guess The Morph until I get back home.