carl sagan once said somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known, or at least that’s what the cover of my notebook tells me he once said. there are so many galaxies, so many stars, so many things unknown. i dont know why i feel i know you when i don’t. i dont know why i miss you when there are more meaningful things to be missed. if i eventually find out why, will it really be incredible?

anyway last night was really tough, and i ran out for my first cigarette of the year, and felt all the cynicism burn off my lungs and back into the world. i know its unhealthy and unattractive, but some things can just be for ourselves, and those things can sometimes be a little destructive. the stars were there, as they always are. i took a shower after to wash the smell off and then asked my brother how his birthday was. he said he was having my signature drink, and that made me happy enough to fall asleep.

i worked up some courage, did some of the right things. and i worked up some more courage, did some of the wrong things. all the while, certain things hung delicately on the balance without my ever realizing it, and that’s just the way things go. murakami once lamented in one of his books “that a person can, just by living, damage another human being beyond repair.” i don’t think most of us are so beyond repair, but i think it’s sad that our own shittiness can have such big consequences sometimes. so life goes, but i don’t think lessons are ever that important to learn that people need to get hurt in the process. but of course, lessons are the only way we know how to process things to become less shitty.

Antique Shop | Klaine

Blaine got out of his last class and said his goodbyes to his friends before hurrying to his car. He was eager to drive to Lima and see Kurt. Their coffee meeting the other day had gone really well. Blaine could already see that they had a ton in common and got along really well. He was beginning to understand why he married him on the future. But Blaine was no where near ready to do any of that. He had never even had a boyfriend before. 

He drove to the Lima Bean and ordered himself and Kurt a coffee, remembering his order from the other day. After he received the hot drinks, he got back in his car and drove to the antique shop Kurt had sent him the address to. He got out and took a sip of his coffee, holding Kurt’s in his other hand. He wondered if Kurt was there yet or if he was waiting for him inside.

Again and again...
  • Well people have been going through the code again.
  • Yeah it pisses me off, and somehow demotivates me on trying my best, but i am no developper i am not able myself to create more protections for my art, so i just have to endure these again and again.
  • (And im pretty sure some people are just super happy to know that they hurt me in some way too. )
  • Actually i've been thinking for some time now on closing my various accounts (Tumblr, Facebook... ) and just work from afar and never Check internet never again because im really getting tired.
  • But thank you to you who post support messages with or private message me, it gives me the courage to avoid doing this (which id certainly regret honestly ) for now :)
Cheers to the New Years (Love Letters To The Signs)

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Aries: Throughout 2015 you opened your eyes and your mind and maybe even your heart, though I’m not 100% sure about your heart.  You let people in and you didn’t fight it, which is so amazing.  I hope that you continue to grow for as long as you live.  Aries, raise your glass and cheers to the open-minded, kinder person you are for 2016.

Taurus: Throughout 2015 you grew a little sharp around the edges.  You got a little cold and a little harsh from the winter alone.  It hurts to see you act cruel when you’ve got a soft heart.  But I love how tough you’ve become, how you stopped letting everyone walk all over you, even if it came at a steep price.  Taurus, raise your glass and cheers to how strong you’ll be, how motivated you’ll be, how fearless you’ll be in 2016.

Gemini: Throughout 2015 you made me realize what they all meant when they said you had two sides.  You treated me like you loved me in private, but you were cold in person.  That’s ancient history now and I’ve come to admire your determination to succeed.  Gem, raise your glass and cheers to the passion and drive that will lead you to success in 2016.

Cancer: Throughout 2015 you let yourself chase your own dreams.  Your own dreams, instead of everyone else’s for once.  You took time to figure out what you want and it made you clear-headed.  You know what you want and now you’ve got the mindset to take it.  Cancer, raise your glass and cheers to the vision you’ll chase and the incredible things you’ll accomplish in 2016.

Leo: Throughout 2015 you lost and you learned.  My god, it’s been a long time.  I haven’t heard from you and I don’t know what to think.  It still hurts sometimes but I hope you’re better the way I’m better.  I hope it was for the best for you the way it was best for me.  Leo, raise your glass and cheers to the new life you have, the one that is yours to take, and I only hope you’ll choose to take it in 2016.

Virgo: Throughout 2015 you stayed sweet but expanded your horizons.  You tried new things, and you finally stood up and took what you wanted.  You deserved it, you’ve been so kind all these years.  You still lay low and I like the way you want the best for people.  Virgo, raise your glass and cheers to the person you are, the person you’re becoming, and the person you’ll be in 2016.

Libra: Throughout 2015 you loved and you lost and you fought fiercely for what you loved.  You still lost it, though, and that’s okay.  If it was meant to be it would have happened.  But now, now you’re free and you can finally focus on yourself and be the person you know you can be.  You’ve got a lot way to go, a long way to understand the person you hope to become.  Libra, raise your glass and cheers to finding that person, whoever they are, that you want to be in 2016.

Scorpio: Throughout 2015 you took the blame for everything.  You were the scapegoat, you took on everyone else’s criticisms and opinions and you took it like a champion.  But now, I see the way the lights behind your eyes have changed, how you’ve got a new spark.  Scorpio, raise your glass and cheers to using that spark to start again, to believe and love yourself in 2016.

Sagittarius:  Throughout 2015 you left whenever you felt lost.  You left and you started over somewhere new, in your head or physically.  You left people behind and you left places behind.  You shouldn’t worry about how that made them feel, because you needed it to save you and you have to come first.  Sag, raise your glass and cheers to finding freedom in all the places you’ll end up and the people you’ll find in 2016.

Capricorn: Throughout 2015 you became a lot wiser.  You learned how to hold your tongue and you let go of your hurt to free your heart.  You still know how to shut people down when they deserve it, though, and that’s a quality I pray you’ll never lose.  You let go of the past like I’ve never seen anyone do.  Cap, raise your glass and cheers to the clarity and hope that awaits you in 2016.

Aquarius: Throughout 2015 you connected with more people than you ever have before.  You let people in, which you never do.  You shared your wild theories and biggest hopes and you let someone know you, the you no one has known.  You became the person I always hoped you could be.  Aqua, raise your glass and cheers to the full heart and loving world that will greet you in 2016.

Pisces: Throughout 2015 you pushed yourself.  You never let yourself breathe in the fall and winter came and you finally let yourself breathe again.  Now, you’re letting loose and losing your judgment.  You stopped picking people apart and started putting yourself back together.  Pisces, raise your glass and cheers to the way you’ve changed, how far you’ve come, and the refreshing air that you’ll find in 2016.


God, people. Candy looks so beautiful, I don’t care what other people say. Ever since the new update with the new skins, my eyes have been so happy. There’s so many lovely girls now different in their own way and I love it!

I’m curious what some peoples’ candies look like, because I can’t really seem to find the new Candies on Tumblr. Can someone reblog with a picture of your newly updated Candy? I’m really in love with Candy now, you don’t even know.

Here, this my lovely girl, Kanya. Has the Honey Skin.

Please reblog with your Candy, my eyes need more candy. For real. Not even kidding.