The Signs As Spring Things

Aries: grilling outside, April Fools, mowing the lawn, morning walks, bird feeders, garage sales, craft fairs

Taurus: visiting farmers markets, reading outside, the smell of fresh soil, pinwheels, playing frisbee

Gemini: flowers in hair, sprinklers, the smell of fresh flowers, pastel colors, DIY projects, stargazing

Cancer: feeding ducks, picking berries, visiting gardens, Mothers Day, visiting the zoo, mini golfing

Leo: making lemonade, planting flowers, searching for four leaf clovers, flip flops, tulips, rollerblading

Virgo: fresh air, Easter, dandelions, sun showers, flying kites, car washes, drive in movie theaters, horseshoes

Libra: sundresses, the sunrise, dew on grass, flowers blossoming, ballet flats, clear skies, playing outside

Scorpio: dancing in the rain, looking for worms, playing with chalk, flower crowns, carnivals, camping outside

Sagittarius: having picnics, sunsets, baby chicks, blowing bubbles, splashing in puddles, bonfires

Capricorn: spring cleaning, hiking, visiting parks, lady bugs, playing with your shadow, barbecues, tire swings

Aquarius: bike rides, visiting the gardening stores, sleeping with windows open, skipping rocks on a lake

Pisces: picking flowers, cloud watching, fireflies and butterflies, walking barefoot in the grass, smoothies

Asking Alexandria//Let It Sleep

(My edit,not my photo)
the signs stoned
  • aries:watches buzzfeed videos
  • taurus:gets lost while driving to Taco Bell
  • gemini:listens to music they used to listen to in middle school
  • cancer:writes lyrics that they think are good but are shit when sober
  • leo:plays with makeup for 3 hours
  • virgo:can't stop giggling
  • libra:already stoned
  • scorpio:takes 10000 snapchats
  • sagittarius:has music on full blast
  • capricorn:bakes cookies
  • aquarius:makes everyone laugh
  • pisces:constantly saying they're "sooo high"