Just wanted to tell you people that I’m still alive.

There have been some wonderful designs for Oswald Mandus (mine’s still from that one time I made my first AAMFPcomic where there weren’t really any designs of him at all). Even though I don’t exactly like mine, I’ll stick to it because it’d be a bit confusing if I suddenly started drawing him completely different, I hope that’s okay. 

(I’ll get to the remaining AssCreed 3 Comics as soon as possible, I promise).

Maid's Handmade Parfait

Anime: Amnesia
Appearance: Episode 5
Time: about 5 hours plus overnight for the ice cream
Serving: Depends on how much ice cream you use for each

So I know it’s been awhile but I’m back! Now first off I made the ice cream mostly because well if I’m going to make it why not show you how to make it from scratch. You dont have to do this, and if you dont have an ice cream maker it will be easier to just buy some ice cream and make it look cute. I made vanilla ice cream because it’s a basic one and because the source picture looked like that’s the ice cream they used.


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