[ アムネシア] ~異世界旅行案内所~  ウキョウ
[Amnesia] Isekai Ryokō An'naisho -Ukyo hen-
[Amnesia] Different World Travel Information Office -Ukyo’s case-

from Amnesia [tv anime] Vol. 5 Bonus CD

I tried to translate one of Ukyo’s drama CD. The translation is not 100% accurate. But if you’re okay with that, here! 

CAST: Ukyo (CV: Kouki Miyata), Orion(CV: Hiromi Igarashi) and Heroine(CV: Kaori Nazuka)
SYNOPSIS: After Orion is done with his work in DWTIO, he met the bewildered Ukyo. Ukyo has no idea why he’s in that place then he ask Orion to return him to his original world because he has a date to attend but Orion gave Ukyo a chance to see his future. 

(TL note: DWTIO- Different World Travel Information Office. coz its too long!

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