Imagine. Being Allison’s twin and dying. 

Chris walked out of your room at the hospital. His eyes were empty and his walk stiff. Allison rose to greet him, hoping to get some good news. He stopped and closed his eyes while biting the inside of his lip. How was a father supposed to tell something like this? She figured what he was about to tell her and the tears streamed down her cheek unstoppable. She cried and cried.She wanted to see you one last time, but Chris stopped her. No one should see their dead twin, at least not in that state. 

Nightmare (Allison Argent Imagine)


Pairing: Allison x reader

Words: 490 

A/N: I’m not really sure if you mean that Allison and the reader is in a relationship or they’re just friends, so I just wrote what I think it meant. And so sorry if it’s bad, I didn’t really know how to write a girl imagine. It’s kind of new to me and all. And I’m sorry that it’s a very short imagine too. Hope you still like it! xx

For those who wants a part two of Scott’s Sister imagine, it might be up in a few days. Sorry for that because I’m having a sort of  writers block for it. Thanks! xx

Y/N woke up, throat dried up. She stood up from where she slept on, which was on a mat on the floor.  You see, Y/N and Allison both had to finish a project that was due in their next class, which was tomorrow. So Y/N decided to just sleepover instead because it’s easier. 

When they get the project done, they both can just go to sleep because they not sure how long it will take them to finish it. Chris Argent wasn’t home due to he has to do some business he won’t tell Allison. 

Anyways, Y/N got a glass of warm water in hope it will stop her from getting thirsty. Just as Y/N was about to drink her warm glass of water when she heard a scream, coming from the living room. Y/N placed the glass of water down quickly, before rushing to the living room.

There, she found a screaming Allison with tears streaming down her face as she sat up from a sleeping position. Y/N knew why. Allison was dreaming about her mother again. Even though it happened about half a year ago when her mother died, she was still thinking and dreaming about her everyday.

Y/N rushed towards Allison and sat on the couch before comforting her, “Shh… shh… it’s okay Allison. Shhh.. everything’s okay..” Y/N wrapped her arms around Allison, one hand smoothing her back. 

A few minutes after calming Allison down, she stopped crying, but only having hiccups every now and then. Allison wiped her tears away before looking up at Y/N. 

“You think I’m weak don’t you?” Allison asked her, voice hoarse. Her eyes were red and swollen. Y/N shook her head. 

“No, of course not. I think you’re a very strong person.”

“But strong pe-people don’t c-cry.” Allison said, voice shaking. 

“Come on, let’s get some sleep, yeah? Don’t worry, I’m right here.” Y/N comforted her. Before standing up to sleep back on the map but a hand grabbed hers, stopping her from doing so. Y/N looked back to see Allison holding her hand. 

“C-can we cu-cuddle.. p-please?” Allison asked shyly, looking down, cheeks red. Y/N smiled softly, before replying, “Of course.” They both lay down on the big sofa. Y/N, being the big spoon, she wrapped her arms around Allison waist, pulling her close to her. Allison placed her head on top of Y/N’s chest, listening to the calm heartbeat of hers.

Y/N rubbed circles on Allison’s arm, to smooth her, and hummed a lullaby Y/N’s mom sang to her when she was younger.

It made Allison calm, and she slowly fell asleep to the humming of Y/N’s and to the pattern Y/N is drawing on her arms. This time, she didn’t get any nightmares connected to her mom at all. 

Y/N watched as Allison fell asleep, realising that she was actually smiling in her sleep, made Y/N smiled. That was when Y/N decided she should get some sleep too.


Imagine. Being Allison’s childhood best friend and meeting her again in Beacon hills. 

“Allison?” You said a bit nervous as you approached a brown haired girl. You had asked a girl if she knew Allison, and she had pointed out this brownhaired girl. She turned to you, and she lit up like the fireworks on new years eve. You were pulled in her warm embrace. “Y/n I can’t believe it’s you!” She looked at you, smiling. “I’ve missed you so much!” 

Secret (Allison Argent Imagine)

Requested: An imagine where the reader is dating Allison and they haven’t come out yet but the pack walks in on them making out or something? The reader is Lydia’s older sibling by like a year or so, that’s one of the reasons why they kept it a secret :) Thank you!

Word count: 634

Warning: Making out? 

A/N: I tried my best.. hehe xD. Don’t forget to request! Have a good day/night! 

Y/N and Allison rushed inside Y/N’s house, quickly shutting the door behind them. Along the way towards the living room, they both dropped their school bags like as if it was nothing important.

“Now.. let’s get down to business..” Allison spoked with a smirk on her face once they reached Y/N’s living room. Y/N rolled her eyes but smiled before pushing Allison roughly onto the couch and started to attack her lips, using her arm, which was placed between Allison’s head, to hold her up. 

Allison responded quickly, kissing back roughly as they both opened their mouths, letting their tongues battle each other. One of Allison’s hand was wrapped around Y/N’s neck as the other hand was tangled in her hair.  Every now and then, stopping to catch their breath.

It was safe for the both of them to make out at Y/N’s house since her parents were on a business trip for quite a long time, leaving Y/N’s house as a hangout place for her and Allison to spend time with each other.

They were too caught up with making out with each other, they didn’t hear the knock and door bell that rang for a while now. Soon, it stopped, and the pack, came stumbling inside to the living room, feeling a bit panicked and worried that Y/N didn’t respond or come to answer the door for them.

They came in to only find,Y/N and Allison making out intensely. The pack stood and stared at both of them while Lydia exclaimed out loudly in surprised, “Oh my god..” Causing the couple to break apart from each other. Y/N and Allison both blushed furiously as Y/N got off Allison and both quickly stood up. 

“Shit..” Y/N mumbled under her breath while Allison took a sharp breath. They both weren’t ready to come out in public yet. They were both scared of what their family and the pack reaction was

“I.. did not.. expect to find this. At all.” Stiles spoke awkwardly breaking the silence which didn’t really help the situation one bit.

“It’s not everyday you find your older sister making out with your best friend.” Lydia mumbled, but loudly that everyone could hear making Y/N and Allison glanced at each other slightly, feeling extremely worried. Lydia was still trying to progress everything inside her head. Her being more surprised than the others. 

The comment sent fear to both Y/N and Allison because they fear that their nightmare might come true. That the pack will judge them and throw them both out of the pack. They were afraid to lose Lydia the most, as they both have a strong connection with her.

“We.. we were going to tell you about us.” Allison started. “But we weren’t ready to come out yet.” Y/N finished, looking down, playing with her fingers slightly. 

Lydia smiled at her best friend and her sister, and walked towards them both before pulling them into a hug. Shocking Allison and Y/N. The rest of the pack also went to hug them to comfort them both, that it was okay. 

Once the hug was over, Y/N and Allison was smiling brightly, happy and relief that they weren’t angry at them. 

“We don’t hate you guys,” Lydia started, “Just a little..”

“Shock and surprised.” Scott finished, giving a reassuring smile. 

“Thank you all for understanding…” Y/N said, her eyes getting watery from the happiness. Lydia went to comfort her older sister, rubbing her back slightly. 

“But it doesn’t mean I’ll forgive you both for not telling us sooner.” Lydia spoked, breaking the hug. Y/N saddened while Allison looked guilty.

“Nah, I’m just joking guys. Come on, lighten up.” Lydia and the rest chuckled at their reaction. 

“You scared us back then Lydia.” Allison breathed out, a hand on her chest. 

“I know.” 

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