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mtl fav signs in each element?

1. sagittarius - they’re the chillest fire sign. they’re humorous, philosophical and just a really good time. i always vibe with them!! so fun and not over the top like the other 2 can be
2. leo - the sun is at home in leo, so it’s generally a great placement. the sun/personality shines through so easily and gives each leo a big heart and big personality. even though we can get really childish lol but i think that just shows how pure we really are
3. aries - very unnecessarily aggressive most of the time. i have a lot of aries/mars influence and i hate it haha, but they can be really fun and big hearted people. just kind of depends but sometimes they’re way too much. definitely need to shut up sometimes but of course there’s a good side to every sign. i usually get along with them good regardless!

1. capricorn - i have a love/hate relationship but i have to put them first. i have such a soft spot for caps, especially in sun and moon. probably because it’s in my family a lot and i just understand how hard it can be to have cap influence. they usually have hard lives but are so strong, steady and elegant all the way through. imo they’re the most mature and practical out of all the earth signs and i really admire it. plus they’re hot so lol
2. taurus - i love the earth and venus combination. they’re very sensual and steady people, yet so funny. even though they’re square to my sun, i always can get along with them fine! they’re interesting and have a unique beauty that i really like. they have the best voices too
3. virgo - the nervousness of this sign sucks. i have a lot of virgo in me and it makes things shitty tbh. they’re usually really nitpicky and judgemental/criticizing of everything but they can be badass in a good way too. they’re also very beautiful, like stunning

1. gemini - they get a lot of shit but i get along with them great. they’re such little devils but they’re hilarious. i always have the same sense of humour as any gemini i meet- i love laughing with them. they’re so youthful and funny and smart and make good friends
2. libra - i feel like most libras are innocent in nature (especially the gals). they just want everything to be fair and peaceful in life. they’re graceful people and beautiful in every way. they have a way with people and words that i have to admire. i also get along with them very well
3. aquarius - the know-it-all syndrome seems to bite every one of them but they’re genuinely good people who value friendship which is great. i can definitely see the resemblance between them and leos! when we do get along it’s really great. they’re so so intelligent and funny like hands down the funniest and smartest. great with people as well, they might be the bestest friends you could have honestly. i almost want to put them second.

1. scorpio - they have such deep passion that i love so much. my soulmate will definitely have a lot of scorpio influence because i crave their deep intimacy. they’re so loving and sexy and have the darkest but most intriguing personalities. i admire them, maybe bc they help me reveal the parts of me that are considered scorpio-like. my relationship with all scorpios are unique and irreplaceable in some way.
2. pisces - i love their spiritual way of thinking and just how different they are. they’re out of this world and although many people think they’re too odd and don’t think the same way as others, it’s so interesting in actuality?? their dreamy nature is so cute and they are the most creative. i also admire the fact that pisces gives a big talent for music.
3. cancer - yes, they are emotional and emotionally manipulative but they’re usually sweet. sometimes i can’t stand their whining bc life isn’t always that serious and worthy of getting upset over every little thing. of course not all cancers are like that, but i’ve seen so many that are like that. they tend to drain me but i know a lot of cancers that are very nice and would do anything for their family and friends. generally good intentions and big big hearts. they just want love and happiness. even though they’re handfuls, i can’t deny that they’re cuties ;)

The Joy I've Named Shall Not Be Tamed
By Organization for Transformative Works

Louis is a flash-in-the-pan tennis star trying to mount a comeback after what should have been a career-ending injury. Harry, who walked away from tennis just as he was poised to dominate the sport, is his new coach.

by: 100percentsassy, gloria_andrews

Chaptered, AO3, WIP, Mature

The castle is in serious need of repair after a particularly bad battle and the paladins are stuck on a luckily peaceful and welcoming planet for several months. Having warded off the galra trying to attack their planet, the inhabitants are so happy that they throw the paladins a huge parade (lance is so excited he might shed more than a few happy tears).

Allura is slightly concerned that they don’t have the parts they need for their ship repairs nor do they have the money (or correct currency) to purchase them. During the parade, she sees how enamored the citizens are with the paladins and gets An Idea™.

  • Within a few weeks, Allura is running a full-blown merch business. 
  • The planet has some version of the internet and Pidge puts together a webstore. Sales go crazy.
  • They make shitty felt fake paladin armor and plastic bayards.
    • Shiro is forced to model all of it.
    • At first, it weirds them the fuck out when they head into the city and little aliens come running up to them in paladin costumes.
    • They have contests to see who is the most popular paladin by counting how many kids wear their armor.
      • Hunk wins. Hunk always wins.
      • And Lance sulks for two days afterwards.
    • One time Hunk saw a little boy cooking with his mom in yellow armor and he just c r i e s
  • Little paladin action figures that say phrases when you push a button on them.
    • Shiro’s is “Paladins, form Voltron!” and the rest of the paladins didn’t realize the involuntary reactions they had developed in response to that phrase until a little kid pushes Shiro-toy’s button in public. Lance turned so fast he swears he got whiplash.
    • When you push Keith’s it’s just a lot of angry yelling.
    • Allura trying to record for the toys: “Pidge can you PLEASE keep this pg” “I think the fuck not.”
  • Little alien kids just beating the shit out of each other with their fake bayards. 
    • Lance tries to join in but “WOOOAAHHH buddy you have a actual gun Not Plastic can you please think through something for once in your life goddammit Lance.”
    • Keith has a secret soft spot for kids and everyone watches dumbfounded as he teaches excited little aliens basic sword fighting maneuvers and spars them with plastic swords.

btw crystalfishbowl helped me create these


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