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I've had a thought that's stuck with me for a while-- If someone paid Dan to kill one of Alias' friends (and hurting his bff), would he do it?

The hilariously grim answer to this question is “yes” because Dan literally does not know any of Alias’ acquaintances outside of himself, Leadfoot and Agnes. He’s never met any of the other bearcat employees. All of his targets are just a face and a name.

GRYFFINDOR: “I never wanted this life for you. I never wanted you to bear this kind of responsibility, but you were a very difficult little girl. You were far too driven, far too strong to let someone like me stop you from becoming who you are.” -Jeff Pinkner + Drew Goddard (Jack Bristow: Alias: All the Time in the World)


I think one of the best compliments a cosplayer can get is the approval of the creator of the character you’re playing!!

I got to meet the talented Michael Gaydos, co-creator of Jessica Jones, this morning!! We talked for a while. He was kind enough to sign my book. And told me they’re writing more Alias!! He’ll start on the art this summer & it should be out at the end of the year!! So excited!!

I stopped back by the booth when his art dealer got there. They had a ton of beautiful original panels, so I got their info so I can order some soon! (Because I MUST have some!!)

While I was there Michael told me to be sure to stop by Mike’s (Colter–Luke Cage) table because he had TOLD HIM to look for me!!!!!

So of course I went almost directly to get in line to meet Mike! While I was standing in line a couple rows back, he looks up at me and goes “Whoa, you’re the Jessica they told me to look for!! You look just like her!”

When it was my turn, he again told me I looked just like her! He asked how tall I was. When I told him 5'10", he goes, “Yeah I thought so! Krysten is 5'9”. This is perfect. You could easily be a stand in or stunt double for her!“

Then he asked my name. He got a good laugh out of the fact that I’m Kristen too!! :) "Wait really?? Crazy!!”

I’d say this has been a pretty amazing weekend!!!!