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i think you probably have already gotten this question but is it bad or problematic to put "no-terfs" in your description or bio now? i'd hate to leave it in if it's harmful

hey i don’t think it’s necessarily ~problematic~ or whatever, i think the point of my post was that like, it doesn’t really matter what you put in your bio, it’s more about what actions you take to confront transmisogyny in yourself / your friends?

so like, you could always change it to “no transmisogynists” if you want, but like, that needs to be accompanied by actual actions rather than just empty words in a description?

like, i don’t want this to be taken as a blanket denouncement of ppl who put “no terfs” in yr bio, bc like i said, i get what you are trying to do… it would just be nice to see actual actions to back it up?

and if you are struggling to figure out what those actions could look like, examples include:

- amplifying the voices of trans women in your life / on your blog - particularly poor/disabled trans women of color

- donate yr money to trans women! like seriously, i can’t even count how many fundraiser posts i see by trans women who are just trying to pay for housing/medicine/food. i try to reblog things fairly often, tagged with “support trans women” - consider signal boosting these if you don’t ahve the financial resources to donate

- actively confront transmisogynists in your life! even if they aren’t being ~intentionally~ transmisogynist, still talk to yr friends who make jokes about women w dicks, etc. and try to educate them about why that is harmful


- examine your own internalized biases about trans women / amab trans people. like, i’m not saying you need to go out and sleep with trans women, but if yr current sexuality is something along the lines of “cis women + afab trans ppl”, take a good solid look about what prejudices you have internalized that are making you automatically disregard all amab trans ppl.

- be receptive to criticism about yr favorite celebrities when they do transmisogynist things? i.e. don’t get all defensive when trans women start criticizing kate mckinnon / gilian anderson / audrey plaza / whoever the latest cis woman fave is, bc she has probably done something transmisogynist. listen, learn, move on.

- be receptive when trans women criticize your own actions. listen, learn, move on.  

- confront ppl who say that trans women have male privilege. we don’t, we never did - we were never socialized as male, we were socialized as trans women, and all of our experiences were women’s experiences. 

ok i’m kinda done giving my “how to be an ally to trans women 101″ speech, hopefully 

  • Voltron season 1:cute, happy, hopeful, gay, funny, easy and childish
  • ANGST TROUBLES CRY BITCHES (P.S. we won't show Shiro with other members of the team at the end of the trailer)
Jungkook probably...
  • Teacher:I gave someone a 0 on our exam last time.
  • Students:...
  • Teacher:Jungkook, you got a zero.
  • Jungkook:what? Me? Why? I answered everything and I'm sure they're all correct!
  • Teacher:yeah everything is correct but yOU EVEN COPIED JIN'S FUCKING NAME
  • Jungkook:*faces and glares at Jin* well shit fam you told me to copy everything
Ode to Autumn

from the perspective of an autistic person

  • outside light is bearable and doesn´t hurt the eyes
  • air is easier to breathe
  • sleeping under a thick duvet in a cold room
  • fluffy blankets
  • comfortable cozy clothing
  • nobody partying and making noise on the streets until 1am
  • sound of raindrops falling on the window
  • smell of smoke coming from the chimneys
  • colourful alleys
  • scented candles
  • all things cinnamon
  • staying inside
  • binge watching
  • the feeling of putting on warm clothes after being cold
  • hot beverages
  • indulging in special interests 
  • the silence

Reworded: To autistic people, being a developmental disorder that affects us all differently, what kind of developmental delays affected you the most growing up?

For example, I’m 22 and am only now experiencing my first proper “crush” and I feel like I’m treating it like a school student would as opposed to how a 22 year old, and I feel like I’m only now learning a lot of social stuff that most have already known for years