I noticed that there’re many interesting details in this great episode.

For example, Danny’s argument with Rachel, the scene really looks like S03E06, when Rachel told him she was pregnant.

In that phone call, Danny was told that he can’t spend the weekend with Grace, which made him sad and angry. Do you remember what happened next? A week later, Steve gave him a room card: “Gracie’s coming over this weekend, right?”

Danny told the nurse: “Show me your ID right now.” Sound familiar?

Also, Meka, and that giant pink rabbit. Nice try, but I think the rabbit in S01E01 is much more cute than this one lol

I’m so happy right now. But this episode also makes me wanna cry. I’ll watch S07E23 and S01E01 together again.

“I’m not gonna put my gun down.”
“Neither am I.”

All great love stories start with the moment two soulmates meet.