Most of all though, it was you who I wanted to tell that I was hurting. You were the one I wanted to explain to that if I had my heart in my hands instead of my chest, I’d be able to watch it beat in pain to the beat of, “I’m hurting I’m hurting I’m hurting and you’re just watching”.

But no one wants to hear about the pain they’ve inflicted. One moment you’re telling me you love me and the next you can’t even look me in the eyes anymore and the next we haven’t talked in 3 months and oh god oh god how is this happening oh-

But it was still you I wanted to turn to, even though I knew that you weren’t part of the team anymore. I wanted to beg my heart to let it go, God please, there’s no point in beating for you anymore. But my heart’s never listening and my head’s awful at communication, so if you’re looking for a heart, another one to add to your collection, you know my house is the one on the corner of our favorite intersection.

—  It plays a song just for you
  • Bighit:there will be 4 version of the new album
  • Bangtan:wait... Isn't that too much? We have to think about all the fans. Think about those who are still in school. Think about those who want to buy all the version but don't have enough money. Think about the--
  • Bighit:/slams hands down a table/
  • Bighit:think about the big house big cars and big rings
  • Bangtan:
  • Bighit:
  • Bangtan:damn you right

Small animation practice using audio from The Adventure Zone !

Yes, I do occasionally smile when I take pictures 😅😅
Really sick right now and my head feels like it was hit by a bus. I’m trying to brighten my mood by getting into my favourite fall activities though, so hopefully that helps a little.🍂 Tonight included reading a signed copy of The Wise Man’s Fear, courtesy of one of the best friends in the world, and sitting by the window with a candle lit beside me. I decided that since I’m sick I could save my studying for tomorrow and instead drift away into the incredible world that Patrick Rothfuss has created. 😍