I don’t understand, Why Chat Noir is on the “side” of the villains?


-And confirmed a couple of things, accompanied with more surprises and questions !!!:

-Gabriel Agreste it’s Hawk Moth, and Nathalie is aware of this !!!!
That explains why he always fixes the agenda.
Also that a secret road from the Agreste mansion leads up to the haunt of Hawk Moth !!!!

-It seems, that the book of miraculous was originally Adrien’s mother, along with the miraculous of the butterfly and the peacock.

-It all seems to indicate that Chloé was “abandoned"” by her mother, and that her butler is the one who really raised him, since it is seen that she is the first character, apart from Adrien, who can influence the behavior of the mayor’s daughter .

-The possible redemption of Chloé would be about to begin, although she will always do things in her “style”

talvez ninguém se importe de verdade com ninguém, porque ninguém te olha nos olhos e fica sem outros interesses. as pessoas amam quando convém, aparecem quando convém, existem quando convém. salvo um ou outro, estamos todos mergulhados nessa hipocrisia.

ontem eu quis um cigarro desesperadamente, mas tudo que eu tinha era desespero. agora eu quero que o mundo acabe em fogo e caos, porque hoje foi aquele dia que simplesmente tudo dá errado do começo ao fim. a vida às vezes é um inferno e eu não aguento mais ter que lidar com isso.

I think what’s making me the most peeved is that like

in the trailer we see illyana as a little girl with someone who is likely bellasco, and we see sam and his father in the mines

which means the people in charge of this movie know the origin stories of the new mutants

and since berto’s origin story literally hinges on him being black and experiencing anti-black racism

that means that they didn’t whitewash him out of ignorance

this was a deliberate decision, and they’re likely going to be changing his origins in order to match their whitewashed version

which just makes it so much more disgusting honestly??

ninguém sabe a verdade sobre as bocas que não falam.

ninguém sente a dor das lágrimas que não vê.

o nó na garganta nunca se desfaz e qualquer coisa parecida com uma melhora é só uma introdução ao fracasso.

tudo é cinza e vermelho. frio e distante. não existe esperança. não existe nada.