Kismat Konnection

From the fire in my soul
breathes a bird in flight
who takes up residence
at the ledge of your mind.
This little flaming presence
a silent, persevering witness,
an incandescent insinuation
a rainbow against the grey sky
upon whose sighting you squeal.
This little accorded assurance
an insurance against time, tide,
tragedy, travesty, transgression, thus
engraved in quintessential passion
is the connection of you and I.

I accidentally took Dorian to meet his father in plaidweave. I’m sorry, Dorian, I didn’t mean to humiliate you like that, I just never remember to tint items when I go to Skyhold!

This is almost as bad as that one time I took Vivienne to give her potion to the Duke Bastien… wearing paindweave.

I’M SO SORRY, Vivienne. D8


for the pearlapis high school au, they have like some class camp trip and theyre going canoeing and pearl is trying to get off her canoe and onto the deck and is asking for help off the boat and lapis just fucking tackles her into the water while yelling “TOUCHDOWN”

I can’t tell if this asshole responding to my episcopal church gay marriage post is a troll or just, u kno, an asshole. either way it’s getting to me :/

I have to keep reminding myself that Jesus said nothing about my gay ass, but he had a lot to say about people who put the law before people and adhered to it for self-serving/prideful reasons

agentverbivore replied to your post “So what did you think of Terminator? I like the old movies and I…”

oooooo I can’t wait to see him in the later ones! I might go see them in theaters if he’s in them a lot, haha.

Totally! I really hate that I have to wait so long for the next one to come out and really get to see him sink his teeth into the role a bit more! But they’ve said ever since he was announced that his role would start smaller and get a lot larger in the second and third installment, so there should be tons more of him in those. And he’ll probably even be put into the trailers next time! lol

Bodie bolting through The Drunken Pumpkin–rough pencils from the upcoming BODIE TROLL: FUZZY MEMORIES #2!