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anonymous asked:

I thought it'd be interesting if kacchako, midotsuyu and todomomo became the endgame pairings but apparently we all know Izuku would definitely end up with Uraraka lol. Todoroki and Momo probably the only ones who would end up together though?? So as a kacchako shipper, I can only weep silently

tbh, i really just don’t want shipping to become a Big Thing in MHA, because the reason i got into it was because i loved the platonic father/son relationship between Izuku and All Might, and i loved the friendships and relationships the series presented. i loved that it had almost no romance in it.

i really like the potential Kacchako and Todomomo have, but i know that Izuocha is probably the endgame, and with the way Horikoshi is handling that, i’m okay with it, even if i don’t particularly ship it. 

i don’t want the series to focus on romantic relationships when everything i love about the series and the reason i got into it was because it didn’t have much romance in it to begin with. which is a rarity in manga in general, especially shonen manga. it’s nice to see a series focus exclusively on the friendships between the characters without getting into romantic drama.

it’s nice to see a series where the characters have to focus more on their growth and their fractured relationships and their mental/emotional health, and to see characters (like Ochako) push away romance because it would only be a distraction and she needs to focus all of her energy into fulfilling her goal.

i don’t want MHA to end like Harry Potter, Naruto, and Bleach, either. i’m kind of sick of that sort of ending by now. Horikoshi is so good with playing around with tropes, and exploring characters in a realistic way. i don’t want to see everyone settled and married in the end, i want to see them living their dreams and becoming pros in the end, without romance getting in the way. i want to see characters not be married, or completely single, and be totally happy with that.

again, i love Kacchako and Todomomo. i think there’s a lot of potential in their relationships. but 90% of the content i make in regards to both is entirely self indulgent, and i don’t see it really happening in canon with the way Horikoshi has set up the series and Izuocha so far. and that’s fine for me, since shipping was never why i got into the series in the first place.

Horikoshi has set up his one ship in the series, and he’s doing it well. i may not care for Izuocha all that much, but he’s doing a good job setting it up without it overtaking the manga with romantic drama. as long as it stays that way, then i don’t mind.

i don’t need the things i love to be canon for me to continue loving them. just seeing these character’s friendships and relationships grow is enough for me, because that’s why i fell in love with the series in the first place. platonic relationships are completely underrated compared to romantic ones, and i love that MHA is almost entirely focused on them.

i love those ships, but i love seeing genuine, loving, supportive friendships more. i’m content with my self-indulgence.

(i should also mention that i don’t ship Tsuyu/Izuku. i can’t say i understand why people ship it, but to each their own)

(also sorry, this kinda got away from the topic of your ask, but i felt like i should address this somehow)


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