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Uta No Prince-sama X Karaoke No Tetsujin Collab Quartet Night Room

Went with @moirica on 16/12/26!

The room was so beautiful *______* We didn’t want to leave!
They also had a Starish and Heavens room~

I ordered QN’s and Ai-chan’s drink~

QN’s drink was a little on the plain side, kinda tasted like soda water, but the jelly stars was really nice!
Ai-chan’s was sweeter and really tasty! It was blueberry flavor

Edit: Ai-chan’s drink was sweet, just like Ai-chan~ 💜

Karaoke is never complete without Shoutan XD

Just a Reminder That....

Syo has a weak heart.

Syo has a twin brother named Kaoru who wants to be a doctor and take care of Syo.

Ren’s parents are dead.

Cecil was a cat that Haruka fed and took care of.

Tokiya had a manager as HAYATO.

Ren invented a new species of rose for Haruka.

Shining is Otoya’s dad, and Cecil is his maternal half-brother.

Ranmaru used to be rich and hang out with Ren and Masa as a child.

Natsuki, Cecil, Syo, and Otoya actually play instruments, although we rarely see it.

Tokiya is pretty good at playing most instruments, and his hobby is reading.

Nagi is 13.

Satsuki exists.

Reiji loves fried chicken.

Killing another 2 birds with 1 stone. It was super fun doing this request, because it involved tons of research into different cultural myths! Credit to Jennah for doing Nagi.

Natsuki - A werewolf. A gentle young man with the kindest of hearts during the day, yet a ravenous and uncontrollable beast come full moon. Consider it a periodical transition into Satsuki, but with tons of fur and claws.

Tokiya - Nephilim. The fallen angel. A heavenly being that fell to Earth, blending in yet standing out with his strange lack of imperfections.

Cecil - Satyr. Half man half goat, he roams the woodland forests playing his pipe, enjoying the scenery. He actively pursues the arts, especially music, and can be quite the woman-chaser.  

Ren - Incubus. A male demon (in)famous for its sexual prowess and habit of sleeping with various women in hopes that they bear his children. Perhaps in Ren’s case he may not actually want children, but the process of making one is something he thoroughly enjoys.

Ittoki - Genie. Otoya has a strong desire to make people happy, though sometimes the wishes he grants are made with reluctance when he realizes how truly greedy some people tend to be when faced with power.

Syo - An elf. Granted he hates being so short when taller beings exist, he enjoys utilizing his size when it comes to making a bit of mischief around others.

Hijirikawa - Kappa. A well-known mythical creature in Japan, it’s known as the “river’s child” which reflects on Masato’s image color (and the kanji in his surname). The main reason he’s a Kappa though, is mostly because the others crack the occasional joke that his hair is reminiscent of one.

Ranmaru - Vampire. Living off of human blood, he’s not particularly fond of humans unless he’s attracted to their “underlying” scent. He spends the daytime sleeping, then venturing out into the modern nightlife to seek his meal.

Reiji - Poltergeist. He’s not merely a ghost, but one that finds enjoyment in terrorizing others through devious pranks. Poking a person or rearranging a whole room, he loves messing with a human’s sanity.

AI - A merman. For those who know a bit about the game, Ai’s story is reminiscent of The Little Mermaid. Disconnecting from what kept him “alive” he lived out the remainder of his days making the one he loved happy, even if every little movement brought him great pain. 

Camus - Gorgon. Shove Medusa and her sisters aside, the truly deadly yet most beautiful had to be Camus. His sweet words and charming touch would inevitably lead one to literally turn into stone. His hair also reminds me of snakes

Eiichi - Goblin. A fairly grotesque creature (in Eiichi’s case it’s his personality) that possesses a great amount of greed.

Nagi - Trickster. Defined as a being that makes use of their vast knowledge and intellect to play tricks on others. Nagi uses his ability to be charismatic and cheerful in front of his fans despite being quite rude and arrogant. And if that isn’t tricky then I don’t know what is.

Kira - Weeping Angel. The gorgeous stone statue resembling one of God’s own angels, but instead is the universe’s most silent and merciful killer. 

Shining - Centaur. His nature resembles more of Chiron, however, being intelligent and generally good-natured. There can be times when he’s quite wild though.

Ryuya - Tengu. In old times they were considered warriors, a creature that brought war wherever it went. Recently, on the other hand, they are thought to be spirits very protective over nature.

Ringo - Fairy. An elegant creature with no noticeably distinct gender features, he uses his magic to guide others through their dilemmas and is bursting with both energy and warmth.