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• Strict but caring

• He tries really hard to not be like his dad so his kids might be slightly spoiled with love. He does impose schedules when they get older (fixed dinner, lunch, bed times and such) if his child can keep up with it.

• Takes his kids go-karting every other weekend

• VERY VERY proud of his child’s accomplishments. Would always support their dreams

• He tends to be overprotective over his daughter but doesn’t want to go overboard

• Most of the classroom is intimidated by his presence during PTA except for his child

Goes “IIIIIIIIHHHH” when he gets a “best dad” cup jk jk


• Very caring father. Its seen by how gently he holds his newborn child with a soft smile. I also think he enjoys carrying his newborn as often as possible XD

• He’s not too strict but is firm when he needs to be. He wants his child to not feel confined like how he was so he leaves them free but steps in when needed.

• His children respect elders. So polite and graceful too.

• He likes making bentos for them as often as possible. Hearing a “Lunch was tasty today, papa” fills his heart with warmth

• He gives great advice. Especially when his child is confronted with failure

• His kids are probably bffs with Masa’s kiddos

• He encourages his children to engage in hobbies they like. If they aren’t interested in extracurricular activities, he doesn’t push but lowkey tries to find what his child would like and work it out accordingly.


uhhhh this one’s hard… probably very energetic. A little tsun but he showers his kiddos with love.

• LOVES playing with his kid and dressing them up in cute things so he can click selfies later.

• He is very caring when they’re little but when they enter teen years, he’s a little tough

• Adores his children’s talents and always encourages them. This is surprising to his kid but they aren’t complaining

• When his kid throws a tantrum, he knows exactly how to handle them because he throws tantrums himself

• He tries his best to help when it comes to projects

• He loves cuddling his kid when asleep


• The most loving papa out there. So sweet, so pure. He often chooses to voluntarily stay up when his child is unable to sleep at night so his wife can get some sleep.

• Lullabies. The house is filled with Eiji’s gentle and soothing voice every other night

• He is a very concerned dad. He’d be very worried even if his child got a little paper cut

• He’d do his best to raise them well with good values. His kids learn how to say “sorry” and “thank you” first.

• There IS a fixed bed time. Eiji won’t have it another way.

• He doesn’t like to be strict as he doesn’t want to hurt his child’s feelings. When its needed though, he is firm and tries his best to not sound offending.

• His kids are angels like papa


Where does this papa get his energy from? He never fails to motivate his kids when they need it. while at that, he teases his wife a lot too

• Seriously though, he’s always making his child smile and laugh when they’re a baby, lifting and giving them loads of cuddles.

• He is a lenient dad and he’d prefer it if his children learn to be independent like him

• Makes loads of jokes. Also laughs really loud when watching TV with his family

• He tries his best to not be too strict but when Dad Van is unhappy, his kids fear it.

• He is weak for his kid’s puppy face and hence, his kids are spoilt. They often go on trips and learn to enjoy at a young age.

• He’d do his best to make sure his kids are well rounded but he doesn’t say anything if his kid is average. He encourages them instead.


• He is soft. His heart is warm. He is so gentle with his newborn, even though he has those ripping muscles

• As they get older, he tends to lean towards tough love to help them improve. When they’re having a bad day though, he tries to be caring

• He challenges his kids to get better. He only wants the best for them

• If he has a daughter, she’s going to be his little princess. He’s going to shower her with love and later on, he is very overprotective. Her boyfriend’s gonna have to watch out.

• He is a pretty chill dad but there is a strict curfew. He doesn’t mind what his kids do with their free time unless its illegal or unnecessary.

• He does have a temper so he yells when mad or frustrated. He definitely makes up to his kids later though because he hates hurting them.

• Sports is a must. He won’t have it any other way.


• He is a sweet dad, not too pushy and very loving.

• He likes reading stories to his children before bedtime. Also teaches them about stars

• He’d be encouraging and ready to teach if his kids tried music as a hobby.

• The family goes on picnics very often. He also teaches his kids how to spot birds

• He’d want his kids to be good people rather than academically smart

• His kids spend a lot of time with Nagi and the rest of HEAVENS very often.

• Family nap times :3


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momokitty27  asked:

I’m not sure if I missed it ^^* When we choose a friend to support us what does it do exactly and how do we pick the best one for what he need?


When you choose a friend to support you through the live show, depending on who you pick, the player’s (you) unit will get a boost.

Here you have a set of support friends that you can choose from and usually the list has put the ones with the highest performance % firstand the ones with lower performance % lower.

I dunno if this really answers your question, but i hope i was a little bit of help to you.