Reading titles for Japanese Americans just confuses me because my family is atypical.

My father was born in Japan, my mother was partially raised in Japan. With my father, does that make me Shin-Nisei? Or am I still Shin-Sansei? And with my mom, does that mean she’s Kibei Nisei? Am I Shin-Nisei? Or Shin-Sansei? I’m definitely Yonsei and Gosei, though.

ycyolo71  asked:

@toroshitken Do you think you can make more small sanji and zoro drawings? that be really cool! also luv your drawing keep it up =3

I don’t usually do request but it’s ZOSAN and I AM WEAK

This ask took me forever to answer becuase I wanted to draw the cute zosan chibis but I kept waiting for the mood HAHAHA. BUt tHANK YOU FOR THE KIND WORDS TOO IT MADE ME RLY HAPPY ;A;

btw my commission is OPEN if anyone wants to buy something from me.