what the signs' bedrooms probably look like
  • aries: either really really messy or really really clean, nice big desk and a swivel chair (swivel chairs are the best), shelves with some really cool stuff they've collected, probably posters of their favourite games/bands/sports teams
  • taurus: a lot of pillows and a super soft bed, either a walk-in-closet or one of those slidey door closets with mirrors as the doors, a radio and probably a books/magazines scattered on their desks
  • gemini: perfect combination of cozy and modern, huge bed and a nice bookshelf stuffed with books, curtains with funky patterns, big window for a lot of natural light
  • cancer: very crowded, posters of bands and their favourite celebrities and photos of their friends all over the walls, a bed that looks like it would devour you if you sat on, it, fuzzy carpets and drawing/craft supplies let loose everywhere
  • leo: either super clean and mature or they still have the same room as they did ten years ago, big curtains and a big bed in the centre of the room, shelves full of their favourite things and a beautiful chest of drawers for their clothes
  • virgo: a lot of blankets and pillows, huge desk covered with all the things they're doing, some hand made crafts for decorations, probably have a dream catcher
  • libra: either cut-outs from their favourite magazine or a map of the world/map from their favourite tv show or book, big desk, average size but super comfy bed, a huge bookcase either filled with books or things they've collected
  • scorpio: everything is probably colour coordinated and symmetrical, huge bed in the middle of the back wall and shelves/drawers where they keep their stuff, probably have some sort of instrument in their room somewhere, must have a radio/something that plays music
  • sagittarius: really indie, either rustic and wooden or indie or clean, modern and dark, probably has a tv, has a giant desk and the comfiest chair every, a sofa to lounge and read/nap on, bed and a side cabinet that match each other
  • capricorn: everything is either scattered everywhere or allocated different corners of the room, bed off to the side somewhere with a desk next to it and a chest of drawers/closet on the other side, boxes under their beds of things they could never throw away
  • aquarius: probably quite messy, huge soft bed and a cabinet on each side, slidey closet with wooden doors and a funky shaped mirror on the wall under another cabinet where they store all their keep-sakes
  • pisces: probably has a lot of things on the floor, but a very homey cozy vibe, sofa somewhere to chill out on and the biggest bed you've ever seen, has a shelf with the cool things they've collected

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“You left me some dinner in the fridge? awwh sweet

 (Kuroo in a suit? kuroo in a suit)