Suits Season 7 Want- and Wishlist!

Want list (things I think are actually kind of likely):
1.) Louis/Donna. Nope, not joking! I really think this could be the main romance plot of Season 7, and it could be fabulous.
2.) The return of Dr. Agard. I think Harvey’s going to be under a lot of pressure this season, specifically because one or more possible romantic relationships will totally evade his grasp.
3.) Release of Machel from engagement hell. I expect they will either end the season married or call off the wedding once and for all.
4.) Harvey trying to be protective, even as Mike proves he can hold his own.
5.) The re-decorating of Jessica’s office. In come the basketballs!
6.) Lingering stigma from Mike’s fraudulent past. Possibly related to #4.
7.) Louis landing himself in trouble due to past bad behavior– maybe his death threats against Daniel Hardman come back to bite him.
8.) Daniel Hardman making sure nobody can have nice things.
9.) Someone using The Donna as leverage over PSL.
10.) Donna piloting her company successfully, with support from Stu, Benjamin, and Louis. Harvey may be notably absent.
11.) Open reflections from Donna and Harvey on their relationship.
12.) An extremely emotional bachelor party.
13.) Tensions in the Katrina-Mike relationship.
14.) Possibility of senior partner!Mike.
15.) Donna and Louis having fun with deadly weapons.
16.) Legal troubles with The Donna, maybe because its data was collected without consent, or maybe because it accidentally exposes PSL legal secrets. That being said, I expect the current issue with the software overlap to get resolved pretty easily early in the season.
17.) Rachel striving to become junior partner or get even better jobs.

Wish List (things I think aren’t all that likely, but that I want anyway!):
1.) Scenes where Harvey angsts over his abandonment issues/fear of being alone that on the surface look like he’s pining for Donna but could also be focused on Mike.
2.) Rachel leaving for a totally awesome opportunity in England or somewhere else outside New York. I think this is most likely to happen if Meghan Markle ends up leaving the show due to her involvement with Prince Harry.
3.) Harvey on drugs.
4.) Specter (Litt) Ross.
5.) At least one main character being established as LGBT in canon.
6.) Harvey/Alex subtext or text. Possibly related to the above!
7.) Discussion of orchids as appropriate gifts for someone at a new job.
8.) Semi-believable discussions of computer science and/or Silicon Valley. I have very little hope for this one.
9.) A main character gets arrested. Preferably Harvey or Louis, lol.
10.) That plot twist from the end of Princess Diaries 2. No, really! I want to see the Machel wedding get turned into a Lonna wedding, with Harvey still as best man.
11.) Marvey. Please. Please. Pleeeeeeeeeease.


Colin Kaepernick gives away his own suits outside of a New York City parole office

  • Colin Kaepernick donated some of his old custom-made suits this weekend to a New York City charity that helps formerly incarcerated individuals return to the workforce.
  • According to the the Instagram account for 100 Suits for 100 Men, Kaepernick dropped his donation off at the Queens borough parole office on Sunday. The organization has a boutique inside of the New York City Department of Corrections Community Supervision Unit.
  • “That’s love!!!!” 100 Suits CEO and president Kevin Livingston wrote on Instagram. “When you have Superbowl quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Hot 97 host Nessa personally drop off over two huge [U-Haul] boxes of custom made suits at our office.” Read more (5/2/17)

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Clubs / Wands: The spirit. Personality, identity, individuality, originality, essence. Force, initiation, strength, creativity, gain through effort. The soul’s vitality and uniqueness. Free will. Drive, determination. Inspiration, ambition.

Diamonds / Pentacles: Material realm, wealth & possessions, the physical body. Status. Security & stability of all types. Prosperity. Manifestation, effort, processes, rhythm, continuation. Creation & maintenance of a personal world.

Spades / Swords: The mind, intellect, cerebral realm. Thoughts, beliefs, logic, morality, justice, judgment, opinion. Power. Reality. Strife & suffering or influence & strength and the fragile balance between those two extremes.

Hearts / Cups: The heart. Emotions, interpersonal receptivity, love, relationships, intimacy, commitment, connection, shared resources, compassion, empathy, sensitivity, memory, feeling-based experiences.