the-swollen-eyeball asked:

what if zim was one of the people that cry when they are angry? he and Dib are fighting like always and zim just gets angry and he starts bawling and dib is like ??? he doesn't know whats wrong and he's very confused. he doesn't know if zim is hurt or playing a trick or what he's just very confused on whether or not to ask zim what's wrong or just pretend he doesn't notice that zim is crying like a little kid


and zim just sobbing like ‘I HATE YOU’ but the words are lost and dib is just so utterly confused bc zim is still holding a weapon and he looks p furious and that fury is why he’s crying and so he is just so dumb, this mess of tears and anger. and he can’t even be intimidating now bc he’s sO M AD but now he just looks like a kitten left out in the rain

'dONT YOU DARE LAUGH I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW' 'you are literally crying' 'DONT LOOK AT ME' and he's wiping away the tears like 'look at me look at zIM not the tears i will deSTROY YOU'

frustrated crying zim like one of those kids were when they lose at a game they start yelling and that yelling turns into crying bc they’re just tOO mad to even argue

that’s zim

lanas-aphrontistery asked:

No but Dib going to this horrible planet full of horrible fascist alien lizard bug things and ends up getting dog-piled with a pile of green kittens as a guest (perhaps in a poorer part where they're allowed to think for themselves a bit and also have no good warmth conserving tech) like 'wtf Zim where do you even come from'

and zim is just all flustered like ‘WE CAN BE RLY MEAN YKNOW WEVE CONQUERED HALF THE UNIVERSE WE’RE TRAINED KILLERS’ ‘zim theyre literally purring rn’ ‘purRING FEROCIOUSLY’