Once upon a time this blog reblogged my “wake jack up inside” thing. And their url made me chuckle, and now this happened. I have never once spoken to this individual, nor do i know them irl. That url was @jacketnmerritutu. So thanks for givin me something to do with my insomnia I guess dude.
Here’s the bratty little shit son, Jack “Fashion Catastrophe” Merridew.
You can’t see, but he’s wearing combat boots

Whosoever thinks that π is the coolest number is wrong. e is unambiguously the coolest number. That’s my calculus teacher in the picture.

 e^ix = cos(x) + isin(x)

The integral from 1 to of dx/equals ln(x).

The derivative of ln(x) is 1/x.

equals the sum from n=0 to n=infinity of 1/n!. 

is the limit as n approaches infinity of (1+1/n)^n.

The global maximum of the function x^(1/x) occurs at x=e.

Google set its fundraising goal for its 2004 IPO at $2,718,281,828.

e^x is its own derivative.

e^x is its own derivative.

e^x is its own derivative.