Sullivan "situation"

Honestly, the writers are aware that the densi fandom will not be happy if they mess up densi because of Sullivan.

What will they do? Make kensi cheat? Make kensi fall in love with Sullivan?

I seriously don’t see what the writers can possibly do and I also think if they were going to mess up densi, they would have done it in season 6. Not now. Kensi and Deeks have come to far.

So I’m not worried about Sullivan. Because I trust the writers right now, at the moment.


ladies i’m in love with 1 of ? : daniela ruah

“I much prefer getting down and dirty with stuff. -Oh, that sounded really weird- I didn’t mean to put it that way!!”

Please help

I have a question, that I hope some people answer. Because it’s really bothering me. For NCISLA in America, it starts at 8:00pm! Usually it’s delayed back until 8:40pm cause of football or whatnot.

Well there’s a football game tomorrow night! The problem is, it starts at 8:30pm and won’t end for a couple hours. Will NCISLA be before it or after it? I’m just so confused and worried idek why


NCIS: LA cast and their fashionable tots.

ECO: My lunch date: Rocking@patagonia vest. All black @laclippershat. @vans kicks. Hand knit scarf from a micro loans charity in Uganda. This kid is cooler than the other side of the pillow.#Squadgoals

Dani: When you color coordinate accidentally #denimandwhite#NCISLAfamily @cbstv #lunchbreak#mamaletsgo
@reneefelicesmith #RiverIsaac
Quando coordenamos sem querer#gangaebranco #NCISLAfamilia#horadealmoço #mamãvamos @cbstv

Bonus Renee!

Sources: Instagrams of ECO and Dani


 Chris O'Donnell opens up to Bella Magazine