If I wasn’t everything that you think I am – everything that I think I am – would you still want to help me?

This scene kills me because he thinks he needs to explain himself and justify himself because he has to do that with everyone else. He thinks he’ll have to manipulate her, or beg her because, even though it’s all a lie, Moriarty did make sure that he cut everyone who would believe in him off. But not her. Not Molly. Molly offers help before he even asks, “What do you need?” and he even tries to tempt her out of it, “if I wasn’t everything…” and she still just asks, “what do you need?” People always applaud Sherlock for being so self aware but he’s so aware of everyone else too. He knows Molly would do anything for him and here he almost wishes she wouldn’t because he’s going to ask her to be a part of this big lie that’s going to hurt the people he cares about most (including her and him) and he knows she’ll say yes. Don’t let anyone tell you that Sherlock Holmes isn’t aware of how much Molly loves him. Don’t tell me the fall was easy for him, Don’t tell me that when he said he thought he was going to die that he didn’t believe that at least some of him would. 

The eternal appeal of Molly Hooper as a character isn’t that “OMG, she’s  every fangirl who lusts after Sherlock!” it’s that she’s honestly one of few smart, normal, sane people left on that show.

Sherlock is mental. Moriarty is mental. Mycroft should be sane, but he’s also a MI6 super-genius and the same guy who threatened to torture an unarmed woman to death…so he ain’t exactly chill.

Mrs Hudson used to run a drug cartel. Mary is a CIA assassin. John is a guy who is fine with hanging around psychopaths. Lestrade, in general, is just clueless.    

Molly is one of the only rational ones left living in the real world. Or something resembling it, anyway.