wanna know how great hockey players are?

an 11 year old bruins fan kept getting bullied at school, and so when her dad saw a game worn Zdeno Chara jersey would be at a charity auction, he decided to buy it for her. He tried to raise money for it and ended up with $500. The bidding ended up going higher than that and he was going to miss out.

ENTER COLORADO AVALANCHE MATT DUCHENE who was also at the event. He said to the dad “Get it for her. I got you covered.” As the price kept gong up, the dad kept looking at Duchene who just kept nodding.

The final cost? $2000. Matt Duchene paid $2000 so that a father could get his daughter a hockey jersey for a player not even on his own team.


12/27/14 Blackhawks @ Avalanche: Matt Duchene mistreats Patrick Kane’s family jewels; Kane is unappreciative. So are others.