• Keltie Knight: What did you think of each other on [Glee]?
  • Naya Rivera: I liked Becca from the start, she was always hilarious.
  • Keltie: Did you haze her, though? 'Cause she said everyone hazed her.
  • Becca Tobin: No, actually, you were the only one who was really nice to me.
  • Naya: Yeah, no, she was, uh—we hung out.
  • Becca: Yeah. I would say that you and Darren [Criss] were the most like, warm people from the get-go.
  • Naya: And Kevin [McHale].
  • Becca: Oh and Kevin, yeah. But you know what? Kevin's funny, you kind of have to like, earn your way in. Once you're in it's like, you're there.
  • Naya: True, true.
  • Becca: So like, you guys were probably the most welcoming.
  • Naya: No, I thought you were awesome. Immediately. Immediately.
I was just talking to Naya [Rivera] and she was, like, ‘Can you get me a seat? I’m so excited!’ And Kevin [McHale] was the first to be, like, 'You’re joking! I want to come see you!’. So you’ll expect those two in particular, but hopefully a couple other people will be coming.