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Johanna and Finnick were close because he helped her out when she became a new Victor. She has a soft spot for him. Johanna was genuinely upset that the Capitol managed to get Annie and tried to look out for her because she still felt like she owed Finnick. She was there when Annie found out she was pregnant and cried even harder than Annie did.

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How about Finnick and Johanna?

Finnick/Johanna is an interesting one. It isn’t canon, so there isn’t much to build on. I like them better as a BROPT. But even that is a bit difficult to wrap my head around. They seemed really close in Catching Fire, but in Mockingjay, they didn’t really interact with each other. Finnick didn’t say anything about Johanna when she was being held in the capitol, he didn’t greet her when she was finally rescued, he didn’t visit her in the hospital, they didn’t talk during his wedding, and she didn’t appear as one of Finnick’s memories when he was killed. There’s the possibility that they had a “friends with benefits” relationship before he met Annie, but if that were true, he would have shown more concern for her in Mockingjay and she would have appeared as one of his memories during his death.

Also, Johanna was the victor of the 71st hunger games, while Annie was the victor of the 70th. That means Finnick met Annie first. A lot of Finnick/Johanna fanfics like to use the old “Johanna had him first” trope, but it isn’t true. Finnick met Annie first. So the idea of Finnick and Johanna having a friends with benefits relationship before he met Annie is out of the question. The author made it perfectly clear that Finnick was always faithful to Annie (except for the times when he was forced to sleep with his clients in the Capitol).

So having said all that, I’ll just continue to view them the way Suzanne Collins meant for us to view them: As really good friends :)

“I’m never getting into the water, Finnick… I just can’t bring myself to do it… not after… after what they did to me…” Johanna muttered, flopping down onto the sand.

Finnick spread out next to her, sighing, “Fine, I guess I’ll just have to do a little more convincing.” With that, he rolled her onto his stomach and smashed their lips together.

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Opinions on jonnick?

     outofthegames. oh my, a shipping question! I never get these! Well, to answer your question right off the bat, I have to say while it’s not my one true pairing for Finnick, I can definitely seeing it happening. Johanna is Finnick’s closest friend. They’re two sides of the same coin, really. Both being young and beautiful victors, they were both sought out after their Games. I even have a headcanon that clients were lining up before Finnick was even sixteen and his first client was on his birthday.

     He chose to sacrifice his body to keep those he loved alive, while Johanna called Snow’s bluff and lost everyone. Yet, despite not being the Capitol’s plaything, she still knows how to use her sexuality as a weapon like Finnick does, although while he’s charming and seductive she’s brash and straightforward. Two very different sides of the sexual prowess scale and no doubt they’ve clashed in the past.

     Johanna must hold some resentment towards Finnick because of his decision and I can’t see her giving him pity in the least. Johanna refuses to be a pawn so no doubt they haven’t been pushed together through Snow or any other means other than a mutual understanding and, after many fights, talks, etc., they grew to become best friends. There’s a built up respect for one another and it becomes so clear that Johanna’s form of torture is illustrated in Finnick’s image. Water is his life so Snow takes away a part of him that’s been in Johanna.

     They spent years together, maybe even hooked up once or twice due to frustration, anger, sorrow, or even distracting purposes. Their views on sex can’t be about love, because it’s a tool. No doubt Johanna’s jealous that Finnick has love whereas he can be jealous that she can’t be used. Again, their relationship is built on respect and understanding which makes them so able to be shipped, but I find it hard to see much love (the kind he has with Annie especially) incorporated into any relationship they could have. Heck, his relationship with Johanna and Annie could even be compared to Katniss’ relationship with Gale and Peeta on a certain level which I won’t get into since I’ve already rambled far too much!

             tl;dr? I ship it. Mostly as a friendship, but I can’t deny it’s a high flying ship.

Someone send me Jonnick prompts!

I’m bored and really wanna write quick little fanfics for Johanna and Finnick because I ship them: Sam and Jena fica too if you guys want! Just send away and I’ll write it! :)

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*hides in corner* Sorry sorry! I didn't mean to rain on anyone's parade. It's just this was the first time I ever heard someone interpret the scene that way. Jena Malone said in an interview that Finnick and Johanna were like brother and sister and that mirrored how I viewed them as well. But please, ship and let ship :)

Lmao i know, we’re just kidding. Jonnick shippers will always interpret the scene that way lol. Even if Jena says so, I still think it’s more.