Justice League Review

What I liked:
1. The Amazon scenes.
2. Wonder Woman being badass and lovely.
3. Jason Momoa.
4. Ezra Miller.
5. The humour.

What I didn’t like:
1. The Amazons were definitely more sexualized in their costumes or lack of armour.
2. The dialogue was ick.
3. Not enough Victor (Cyborg) as I would have liked to understand his powers and history more.
4. The fact that Wonder Woman was more sexualized in this one (I’ll do another post for that).
5. No real consequences from the villain and his fallout.
6. The lack of faith they all had in their abilities and so they had to wimp out and call Superman.
7. Lack of team building.
8. Batman being an ass to Diana.
9. How prominent they made Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill’s bulges.

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Someone edited the Justice League ending with the Hans Zimmer score and it’s perfect!

i will nut!!when synder’s justice league is released. The sheer difference between the framing of bat v supes in the ultimate cut is ridiculous. and that was just extra footage. So yeah shoving j*ss wh****’s greasy fist up a film mid way through for those reshoots makes it a ????vastly different film.the tone shift alone is kinda crazy. I still thought most of it was killer but honestly…give me that director’s cut wb  

Bruce “I bought the bank” Wayne

Diana “I’m working with children” Prince

Clark “I take it back. I want to die” Kent

Barry “ I stopped listening when he said we are all going to die” Allen

Victor “ Keep the littlemerman away while I work” Stone

Arthur “ You are all tripping over yourselves” Curry

Lois “Big Guns” Lane

Alfred “ Send a letter to Paris that says «Do you want to be Bruce’s teammate. Cross yes or no” Pennyworth