Northern Downpour (Adam Torres x Imogen Moreno Smut) (Degrassi)

Summary: Set during Season 13, Episode 6: “Cannonball”. What would have happened in the van if Drew stayed away for just a little while longer… Smut. No reader. 

(AKA what should have happened in the van bc I am still salty as hell about Adam’s death and at least give the man an orgasm before he dies. fuck’s sake) 

(in case you don’t watch Degrassi and would like some context, here is the scene from the episode this is based off of.) 

(A/N: eeyyy, back at it again with the Panic! titles. and back at it again with the whole… writing fanfic thing. this is my official comeback. I was hoping that my big return would be something kpop related, but while I was on my couch, experiencing the worst cramps of my life, I was watching stacks on stacks of Degrassi re-runs. and I fell in love with Adam all over again. I will always regret that he never got the perfect send off (that he never got better storylines and his full run on the show, dammit) - but I knew the one thing I would truly regret was writing this fic. I have had the idea for this scene in my head since I saw this episode. so my hands found my keyboard and it finally happened. I think this is some of my best work. I think it really was worth me taking a break so that I could produce something of this high quality. anyway - Degrassi likes to screw over any and every good character they have, so I decided to simply just screw them. ;) -Tanisha<3)

The rain was beating down so hard from the sky it practically chased them into the back of the van as Imogen pulled the doors closed behind them. Still pounding hard on the metal roof and the hallow windows of the old white vehicle, it was like a section of brass playing along perfectly with the wood winds of their airy laughter.

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