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I recently got TR Hot Rod and I was just wondering what's up with the differences between all of Hot Rod's color schemes? Why is he sometimes bright red and other times maroon? I've seen some panels from G2 comics where he looks straight up purple.

Ah, a favourite topic of mine! The answer’s a simple one that turned into a whole thing. Basically - Hot Rod was always supposed to be magenta. He’s magenta in the movie, he’s magenta in the G1 cartoon…

…and in the limited color palette of the Marvel Comics - the same one that made black and greys various shades of blue - this translated to him being straight-up purple.

And as you would think based on all this, his toy was supposed to be magenta too. BUT, somewhere along the way, Hasbro obviously decided that trying to sell a pink sportscar to little boys was a bad idea, and changed Hot Rod’s toy to be red instead. 

This change came too late to change the color of the stickers on the side of the toy’s vehicle mode - you can see how they still have a pink background. You can see the original-color version of the figure in the 1986 catalogue, and in a few toy commercials.

Rodimus Prime, on the other hand, was always a darker, burgundy color in the animated series. Not in the film - he’s the same magenta as Hot Rod in it - but in the series afterward, he’s always this darker color. 

His toy, though, was just red like Hot Rod’s was:

…but it’s not clear if that was the same situation as with Hot Rod, where the toy was going to be burgundy and they wound up changing it to simple red, or if it was always going to be that red colour and the burgundy was an affectation of the animation, devised later. Probably the latter - in the Marvel comic, at least, he was always straight red.

AND SO! Ever since, the two colours have duked it out. Hasbro pretty much always goes for the toy-based red; Takara have, in the last few years, started going for the cartoon’s magenta, and Titans Return Hot Rod’s one of the best examples of that.

It spreads to other versions of the character, too! Animated rendered Rodimus in G1-Rodimus-cartoon-inspired burgundy:

…only for the Hasbro toy to make him red!

And that’s without getting into how SURPRISED people were to discover that Hot Rod was magenta when the film got its first serious remaster for DVD. The degraded-quality VHS/early DVD pictures always made him look pretty red:

and since that “matched” the toy, many people grew up never realizing he was meant to be magenta and kinda lost their shit when the DVD came out. I once encountered a for-real “Hot Rod Was Never Pink” truther…

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