It’s late at night and we talk in singsong and joke and tease, and I swear, I swear I feel like a kid again. I pick flower petals from your hair and kiss your sweet, succulent lips, breathing in your scent; lingering. Holding onto this moment. There is a name for this feeling. There is a name for this and we relish it. We feast upon it like a starving pack of wolves. Hungry. Craving. Touch; and my fingertips map your skin. Sensation. Burning. Consuming. And I taste ambrosia; the drink of gods. Alive. Yes. We feel alive.
—  Letters To The Moon | 22.11.17

I stay in love with you because you make me feel like nobody else ever has. Even though you’re not mine, I just can’t seem to let go of that. Something in me won’t let me forget it. For some reason I feel I need to hold on to it, to you. Why? That I do not know. Something’s meant to be, I don’t know what, but something…



Maybe you’re afraid of falling because you gave the right parts of yourself to the wrong person. Your body is a museum and I am merely attempting to understand the meaning of your art.

Let me in
Let me show you the stems of my infatuation and how my heart blossoms at the tone of your voice and the warmth of your touch.

What I Want Right Now

I want to be cuddling you in my bed, with a Disney movie or a funny movie on in the background, and just to be in your arms.  

I want to start being sneaky and mess with you or start acting all playful, whether I start kissing you repeatedly, blowing in your face, poking your side, or just continuously calling you cute because I know that makes you blush and you hate that.

I want you to give me a warning to stop what I’m doing, or else there will be consequences…or maybe not to give me a warning and to just skip ahead to the attack.

The attack where you say, “Thats it!” and then proceed to tickle me, without releasing me from your arms, while all I can do is giggle madly into your chest and squirm…both of us smiling and enjoying every minute of this.

Then I want you to stop after a little, giving me a break, so I can stop hiding my red, blushing face in your chest to look up at you with a big goofy smile because I get that goofy smile every time I look at you.  

Then I want to kiss you.