@hefferman asked for riley and maya + freaking out 

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here is what you are going to romanticize instead: (x)

🎈🎂 happy birthday, @gothdaisyjohnson! 🎂🎈


Under the cut you will find #150 gifs of Iitoyo Marie, from the movie MARS. It would be great if you could like or reblog if you use these. ALL gifs were made by me.PLEASE DO NOT: claim as your own, remove my watermark, post in gif hunts, crop into gif icons, whitewash or use to make crackship gifs. You may edit for PERSONAL use. Full resource rules here. (+280 gifs, totalling to 430)

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anonymous asked:

i love seth turner sato so much i cried about him once thank u for this pointy trash boy i feel blessed to know his existence

honestly? i’m glad he exists too, and i’m even gladder he’s made you feel this blessed, somehow this trash man is good for SOMETHING